We’re Emily and Ian, outdoor lovers and planning nerds who live in Boulder, Colorado. In our free time we love hiking, camping, biking, traveling, and writing, all things that are at the heart of TMBtent.  On most Friday evenings, you can find us sipping a beer and researching our next adventure, designing a custom itinerary for a fellow hiker, or writing our next trekking guide. 

Travel fulfills us like nothing else. For us, seeing new places, meeting interesting people, widening our worldviews, and getting out of our comfort zones is the stuff of life and we try to do it as much as possible.  In our opinion, the best way to travel is self-powered, by foot or by bike. We’ve found that this allows us to slow down and experience so much more, getting away from the typical tourist circuit and making meaningful connections with locals and fellow travelers. 

Given that fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that we have done a LOT of long-distance hiking in Europe and beyond. The treks we’ve completed include:

  • The Tour du Mont Blanc: A classic alpine trek that travels through France, Italy, and Switzerland as it circumnavigates Mont Blanc. 
  • The West Highland Way: A rugged walk through the dramatic Scottish Highlands. 
  • The Laugavegur Trail: Iceland’s most famous multi-day trek that features hot springs, volcanoes, and colorful landscapes. 
  • The Walker’s Haute Route: A challenging trek that connects Chamonix and Zermatt with incredible Alpine scenery along the way. 
  • The Lechweg Trail: One of the continent’s newer long-distance trails, this trek travels through Austria and Germany as it follows Europe’s last wild river, the Lech. 
  • The Coast to Coast Walk: A walk across all of England, through the Lakes District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the North York Moors. 
  • The GR20: Often referred to as “Europe’s toughest trek,” this incredible hike travels the length of Corsica across rugged mountains. 
  • The GR11(segments): The GR11 stretches the length of the Spanish Pyrenees, and we were lucky enough to cover 75 miles of the middle section. 
  • The Peaks of the Balkans Trek: This relatively new trek takes walkers through amazing landscapes in the “Accursed Mountains” of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. 
  • The Milford Track: New Zealand’s most famous hike, the 34-mile Milford Track finishes at the iconic Milford Sound.
  • The Kepler Track: The Kepler Track takes walkers through the heart of New Zealand’s wildest region on a 37 mile circular hike.
  • The Abel Tasman Coast Track: The Abel Tasman Coast Track takes walkers along the dramatic coastline of Abel Tasman National Park and visits some of the region’s most stunning beaches.

We’ve learned a lot while hiking over 1,000 unique miles on European long-distance trails (as well as our other adventures), and we love sharing our experience and expertise with fellow hikers. TMBtent is truly a labor of love, and we each bring our own strengths to the table. 

Ian is super skilled at using mapping software and GPS apps, allowing him to narrow in on specific aspects of a route, see all trail options in a given area, and design custom GPS files to help hikers navigate while in the backcountry. Emily cares a lot about the little details, such as which campgrounds have hot showers, which refuge serves the best pie, and which climbs feel the most challenging. While this trait can annoy Ian at times, it pays off for fellow hikers who like to get the inside scoop. Also, being an avid marathon and ultrarunner, Emily has lots of knowledge about training for long days on the trail. 

We’ve both done all of our traveling on a modest budget, meaning we’ve tried and tested countless strategies for keeping costs down and enjoyment high, such as travel hacking, camping, buying used gear, and more. We love striking a balance between roughing it and a indulging in some little luxuries along the way. We love to share our tips and advice with others in hopes of making these kinds of travel experiences accessible to more people. 

We’ll continue to merge our loves of trip planning, the outdoors, and budget travel in order to provide our friends and fellow hikers with inspiration and top-notch advice for their next adventure. We’re thrilled to be part of your next big thing, and we’re here to help however we can.