For us, planning a trip yields nearly as much enjoyment as actually taking it.  We started talking and reading about the Tour of Mount Blanc for a few years before we began hiking.  One of our favorite ways to spend a Friday evening is to enjoy a beer and do some bona fide research on how to take amazing trips for nearly free. As we got deeper into our planning, we found that although the web was ripe with tons of great general information about the hike and lodging options, there wasn’t much out there in terms of specific camping advice. We decided to share all of our geeky planning and real-life experiences in hopes that many more people will be encouraged to pack their tent for this incredible adventure. But we don’t want to stop there. We’ve decided to continue to merge our loves of trip planning, the outdoors, and budget travel in order to provide our friends and readers with inspiration for their next adventure.


Emily & Ian