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The gateway to Cairngorm National Park, Aviemore, Scotland, is one of the UK’s top camping destinations. A trip here provides access to some of the most remote portions of Scotland, while the village itself as plenty of charm, incredible views, and nearly endless activities. Whether you’re planning to take a trip up to Loch Morlich, hike Ben Macdui, or simply enjoy the stunning views from the centre of town, Aviemore is a wonderful holiday destination.

Lucky for you, there are several excellent camping and caravan parks in and around Aviemore. This guide outlines each of these campgrounds so you can be sure you’ve picked the right pitch for your own trip.

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The Basics

Before you head out on your trip there are a few things you’ll want to consider. This includes what to bring, what time of year to camp, and if you need an advance booking. We’ve included all that and more in the following sections, so you have the essential information to plan your trip.

When to camp near Aviemore

The most popular time to camp in and around Aviemore is the summer. The months of July and August are typically the busiest with many families making the trip to the area on their summer holidays. Slightly earlier or later in the season tends to be the best time as you’ll have fewer crowds and you may be able to avoid the worst of the midges!

Given that Aviemore is a popular winter destination as well, many of the caravan parks are open year round. Of course, you’ll want to have some sort of heat system for your camper, but you will find many of the camping options still open.

Winter camping in Aviemore
It is possible to camp in Aviemore during the winter, just be prepared for the cold!

What to Bring

We’re sure you’ll already have the essentials like a great tentsleeping bags, and camp chairs, but below are some of our favorite items for camping in the Cairngorms:

  • Map: A good map is essential to exploring the area, and learning more about your surroundings. We always recommend bringing an Ordnance Survey map and this version covers Grantown, Aviemore, and much of the Cairngorms.
  • Camping Stove – This classic piece of gear is perfect for cooking up deluxe campsite dinners.
  • Cooler – Keeping food and drinks cool is essential when camping.
  • Midge repellent – Camping in the Cairngorms is almost synonymous with midges. Be sure to pack some bug repellent to fight off these tiny nuisances!

Aviemore Camping

You’ll have several great camping and caravan parks to choose from in and around Aviemore. To help decide on the best option for your trip, spend some time thinking about what activities you’re planning on in the Cairngorms as well as what type of pitch you’re looking for.

From there, use our detailed descriptions as well as map of Aviemore camping options below to select the best choice for your trip.

Camping in and around Aviemore

The region in and around Aviemore is spoiled with choice for caravan parks. You’ll find great options within a short walk from this bustling tourist village to secluded spots deep within Cairngorms National Park and everything in between.

From the in town convenience of High Range to the lochside location of Glenmore Campsite on the shores of Loch Morlich, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect campsite!

Forest in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

High Range

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: .6 miles / 1 km
Camping Options: 
Caravan & Camper pitches
 Essential during summer months.

The most centrally located camping & caravan park in Aviemore is High Range. This well-regarded accommodation is most popular for their chalets and lodge hotel, but the camping pitches are a great option for those looking to be close to the village. Although geared more towards caravans, tents are generally accepted, although you’ll pay the same rate as a caravan.

Set adjacent to the entrance to the Craigellachie National Nature Reserve while still being only a five minute walk from the shops in town make High Range an ideal location. You can enjoy some peace and quiet that comes with camping while still being able to walk to the pub for a bite!

Facilities at High Range are top notch and include all the standard amenities you’d expect such as a clean shower block, BBQ area, bike storage, as well as a children’s play area.

Rothiemurchus Camp & Caravan Park

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 2 miles / 3 km
Camping Options: 
Caravan & Camper pitches, Tent pitches, Motorhome pitches
 Essential during summer months.

For tranquil and relaxing camping trip near Aviemore and the Cairngorms look no further than the Rothiemurchus Camp & Caravan Park located just two miles from town. Set among a beautiful Caledonian forest, this camping & caravan park can accommodate tents, campervans, and motorhomes on the well maintained grounds.

There is a peacefulness of pitching up amongst the trees here where you’ll be close to walking, cycling, and any range of outdoor activities you can dream up. Don’t fret though as you’ll still be just two miles from Aviemore, making this both a relaxing and convenient location.

The facilities are simple here and include everything you’d expect at a caravan park while the focus is put solely on your connection with this beautiful area.

Rothiemurchus is a smaller campground, so we recommend making your booking as early as possible.

Tents at a caravan park

Aviemore Holiday Park

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: .8 miles / 1 km
Camping Options: 
Holiday caravans for let
 Recommended, especially during summer months

Although well located just outside of town, the Aviemore Holiday Park only caters to those looking to rent a static holiday caravan. Given that they do not accept tents or touring caravans we won’t go into much detail, other than to say that the Aviemore Holiday Park enjoys a wonderful location adjacent to the River Spey and in walking distance from the village.

This is a great option if you’ve grown tired of sleeping in your tent or camper and are looking for a self-catering holiday caravan!

Oakwood Caravan & Camping Park

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 1.5 miles / 2.5 km
Camping Options: 
Caravan & Camper pitches, Tent pitches, Motorhome pitches, Glamping pods

The Oakwood Caravan & Camping Park is located north of Aviemore just off the main A9 route and is convenient if you’re looking to combine a stop here before heading north to camp near Inverness. Oakwood is a great campground for those travelling in a caravan or campervan as the pitches are well laid out and feature electric hook up points. For those in tents, there are two small areas tucked into the trees that give you decent privacy.

It’s a manageable 30 minute walk into Aviemore from here on a nice walkway and cycle path. In addition, you’re right across the road from the Aviemore Kart Raceway, so if you’re looking to do something different during your stay this could be a great option!

In addition to the standard camping pitches, Oakwood also has glamping pods available for those in search of a bit more luxury. The facilities here are standard for camping & caravan parks, but it is worth a special note that the shower/toilet block is known for being exceptionally clean.

The only downside to camping at Oakwood Caravan & Camping Park is that the pitches sit adjacent to the busy A9, making some traffic noise inevitable.

Camping in Aviemore

Glenmore Campsite

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 6.5 miles / 10 km
Camping Options: 
Caravan & Camper pitches, Tent pitches, Motorhome pitches

The Glenmore Campsite on the shores of Loch Morlich is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy all that Aviemore and the Cairngorms have to offer. This large caravan park is set well away from the busy tourist centre of Aviemore and perfectly located for a trip up to Cairngorm Mountain Ski Centre or for enjoying Loch Morlich.

Tents, caravans, and motorhomes are all welcome here and there are over 200 pitches available. Even so, the popularity of Glenmore makes advance bookings a must!

The facilities are good and include all the basics such as a dishwashing room, shower block, and electric hookups at many of the pitches. However, it’s the natural amenities that really draw campers here such as the direct access to the Loch Morlich beach and endless walking paths nearby.

Glenmore is one of our top picks for camping in Aviemore!

Paddle boarding on Loch Morlich
Set on the shoes of Loch Morlich, the Glenmore Campsite is a great option to explore the Cairngorms.

Dalraddy Holiday Park

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 3.5 miles / 6 km
Camping Options: 
Caravan & Camper pitches, Tent pitches, Motorhome pitches
 Essential during summer months.

The Dalraddy Holiday Park is located south of Aviemore in a lovely wooded area just off the A9. This is a large caravan park that can accommodate almost any camping set-up from tents all the way up to the largest motorhomes. You’re just a short drive or manageable walk from Aviemore here while also being well-located to some of the nearby countryside, including the popular Invereshie and Inshriach National Nature Reserve.

Dalraddy has a variety of pitches to choose from including a tent-field, hardstanding pitches for campervans, and a few secluded woodland areas. Electric hookups are available at the hardstanding pitches.

In addition to the standard amenities you’d expect at any caravan park, Dalraddy Holiday Park features a well-stocked shop carrying all the essentials, a fun children’s play area, and a chemical waste disposal point. The shower/toilet block are cleaned regularly, and guests rave about the friendly service here.

Badaguish Forest Lodges

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 5.5 miles / 9 km
Camping Options: 
Camping pods, Group camping

The Badaguish Forest Lodges are located deep within the Cairngorms and well away from the hustle and bustle of Aviemore. Although not a typical camping and caravan park, this is a great option if you’re looking to stay in a camping pod or book an overnight trip for your educational group.

The tent pitches here are only available for group camping geared towards educational groups, so individuals and families on holiday will be out of luck.

There are camping pods available if you’re interested in a camping style trip without having to show up with all your own gear. These fun pods can sleep between 4-5 people and have basic amenities such as a fridge, microwave, and kettle.

For additional camping pod/glamping accommodation, check out our Aviemore Glamping Guide.

Camping pods at Badaguish Forest Lodges
The camping pods at Badaguish Forest Lodges

The Lazy Duck

Distance to Aviemore Railway Station: 13 miles / 21 km
Camping Options: 
Glamping, tent pitches

A unique camping option 20 minutes from Aviemore is the Lazy Duck. This secluded and tranquil spot is an off the grid escape that is sure to reset your mood and connect you with this stunning natural environment.

Although primarily providing accommodation in the form of glamping tents and some well-appointed lodges, the Lazy Duck does have room for four tents to pitch on a nice field.

Amenities are anything but standard at the Lazy Duck and include a wood-fired hot tub, sauna, yoga classes, and even massages! The Lazy Duck is our top pick if you’re looking to refresh and rejuvenate with a few nights off the grid deep within Cairngorms National Park.

Advance reservations are essential here, so be sure to inquire ahead of time.

Wild Camping

Wild camping is a both beloved Scottish tradition as well as a common practice in the Cairngorms. Many a walker have spent a night or two wild camping in this region and for good reason. This is one of the most beautiful and remote parts of Scotland and the entire UK, making a wild camping experience one you’ll never forget!

Of course, understanding the rules, regulations, and basics of wild camping is essential to having a good trip. We’ve compiled some ‘must-know’ information on wild camping in the following sections.

A stream in the Cairngorms

Wild Camping near Aviemore & the Cairngorms

Aviemore is a great starting point for a wild camping adventure further afield in the Cairngorms. The village is served by the railway making connections from the rest of the UK straightforward, and there are several good walking trails leading to wild campsites right from town.

The Cairngorms benefit from the permissive land access policies which are memorialized in the Scottish Access Code, which broadly permits wild camping.

We’ve highlighted these general rules below:

  • The Scottish Access Code permits wild camping.
  • Wild camping is lightweight, done in small numbers, and only for two or three nights in a single place.
  • Avoid camping in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals.
  • Keep your campsite well away from buildings and roads
  • Always Leave No Trace by packing out litter, property handling human waste, and removing evidence of your pitch, and avoiding campfires.

The mountains, munros, and tarns that dot this landscape outside of Aviemore often have all the making of a great campsite if you’re looking to spend a night in the wild.

However, if you’re coming for holiday and hoping to save on accommodation costs by simply pitching your tent at the base of a mountain and claiming it as ‘wild camping’ we recommend you consider other options as in our opinion that goes against the spirit of wild camping.

We don’t provide exact wild camping locations as to not spoil the secret and draw unsustainable visitors, however, we can provide a general recommendations in the area:

  • The trail up Ben Macdui has several good wild camping options
  • The area around Loch Eanaich
  • Around Ben Avon
  • Near Cairn Toul and Angel’s Peak

If you’re considering wild camping in the Aviemore/Cairngorms region, please ensure you are adequately prepared for all weather conditions and have ample supplies. Weather changes quickly here and you won’t be able to simply amble down to the shops if you find yourself in need.

For more information, be sure to read this helpful guide published by the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Have a great trip!

That’s it!

We hope we’ve provided all of the information you need to plan a fantastic camping trip, and we know you’ll find the perfect campsite for your upcoming adventure!

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions and be sure to tell us about your trip!

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