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The tallest mountain in both Scotland and Britain, Ben Nevis towers above the surrounding landscape and beckons to walkers and climbers alike. A trip to the top of this iconic peak is on many’s must do list and over 125,000 people visit the summit each year. Given Ben Nevis’ somewhat remote location in the Scottish Highlands, we recommend spending a few nights in the area to experience this magical mountain as well as the surrounding Highlands.

To truly take in all that the area has to offer, we think planning a Ben Nevis camping trip and spending a few nights under the stars is the perfect way to take in this unique environment. Luckily, there are several excellent options for camping near Ben Nevis. From holiday and caravan parks, to excellent wild camping options, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your tent or caravan.

This guide includes all of the campgrounds, holiday parks, and wild camping opportunities near Ben Nevis so you can easily decide where to stay and focus on having a great adventure on Britain’s most famous mountain!

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The Basics

Before you set out on your Ben Nevis camping trip, there are a few keys things you’ll want to keep in mind. This includes when to camp, what to bring, and what to expect from a trip to the Highlands.

The following sections provide all that information, and more. This is the essential information before you head out!

The Tourist Track to the top of Ben Nevis

When to camp near Ben Nevis

It is possible to camp at Ben Nevis year-round, although the summer months are undoubtedly the most popular. Many of the camping and caravan parks are open seasonally, typically from March – October. Outside of these months you’ll find most campgrounds shut down their services and you’ll need to either wild camp (only for the brave!) or plan to stay indoors.

The summer months of July and August are typically the most popular and most crowded time to be camping near Ben Nevis. These popular holiday times will find campgrounds at their fullest and an advance reservation is often essential. Of course, if you plan to wild camp you’ll have more flexibility, but should still be prepared for increased crowds.

All things considered, the autumn months of September and October can be a lovely time to camp in the Highlands near Ben Nevis. Many of the summer visitors have gone home, and you can expect fairly good weather (or at least as good as it can be in Scotland!) and far fewer visitors to content with for a campsite.

The midges will have dissipated as well, making camping out a far more pleasurable experience!

What to Bring

We’re sure you’ll already have the essentials like a great tentsleeping bags, and camp chairs, but below are some of our favorite items for camping near Ben Nevis:

  • Map: A good map is essential to exploring the area, and learning more about your surroundings. We always recommend bringing an Ordnance Survey map to Ben Nevis, and this version covers the entire Fort William area.
  • Camping Stove – This classic piece of gear is perfect for cooking up deluxe campsite dinners.
  • Cooler – Keeping food and drinks cool is essential when camping.
  • Midge repellent – Camping in the Highlands is almost synonymous with midges. Be sure to pack some bug repellent to fight off these tiny nuisances!

If you’ve arrived and found that you forgot an essential piece of camping equipment at home there is no need to fret.

Nearby Fort William has plenty of outfitters who would happily sell you any camping gear you might possibly need for your trip. In addition, you’ll find supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, and most other services you might need.

Ben Nevis Camping

Now that you’re familiar with some of the basics for your trip to Ben Nevis it’s time to take a look at your best camping options. There are several excellent caravan parks in the Ben Nevis/Fort William region, so you should have no trouble finding one that works for your needs.

The following section includes detail descriptions of each of these campgrounds as well as information on amenities, location, reservations, and more.

In addition, we’ve also created a section with some information on wild camping on and near Ben Nevis. Wild camping will primarily suite those hiking to the summit or exploring the Highlands on a multi-day adventure.

Finally, the map below gives a sense of each of the caravan park and campgrounds locations. Note, we do not included any specific wild camping locations, as those are best determined based on the specific conditions you encounter on your trip.

Camping near Ben Nevis

If you’re looking for a camping and caravan park near Ben Nevis then you’re in luck. There are several options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons depending on what you’re after. From the convenience of Glen Nevis Caravan & Camping Park to the unique camping pods at Ben Nevis Holiday Park we’re such you’ll find your perfect campsite!

Keep reading to learn more.

Glen Nevis Caravan and Camping Park

Distance to Ben Nevis Visitor Centre: 1/2 mile / 0.8 km
Camping Options:
Caravan & Camper pitches, Tent pitches, Camping Pods, Holiday Caravans for let
Recommended. Click here to reserve.

The Glen Nevis Caravan & Camping Park is the most convenient place to camp near Ben Nevis. This sprawling campground is mere steps from the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre and the start of the Mountain Path (aka Tourist Track), the most common hiking route to the summit. It is so close in fact that you can simply start your walk directly from your campsite!

Lucky for you, the Glen Nevis Caravan & Camping Park has much more going for it than simply its great proximity to Ben Nevis. This well-regarded caravan park has excellent amenities and can accommodate caravans, campers, and tents on its sprawling grounds. In addition, there are some fund camping pods available as well as fully furnished holiday caravans for let.

Amenities here include a spotlessly clean shower block, laundry facilities, and a well stocked shop.

There is a fun vibe here as you’ll find families on holiday, friendly walkers seeking to summit Ben Nevis, and even some hikers on the West Highland Way pitching their tent here. Combine that with the exceptionally clean facilities and you’ll understand why Glen Nevis Caravan & Camping Park is our top recommendation for camping near Ben Nevis.

Given how popular it is to stay here, advance reservations are essential for everyone except those with very small tents!

Caravan parked at Glen Nevis Camping and Caravan Park near Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis Holiday Park

Distance to Ben Nevis Visitor Centre: 3 miles / 5 km
Camping Options:
Caravan pitches, Tent pitches, Glamping Pods, Holiday Caravans for let
Recommended. Click here to reserve.

Next up on our list is the aptly named Ben Nevis Holiday Park. Although it doesn’t enjoy the same privileged location as Glen Nevis when it comes to convenience, this is still a great option for camping near Ben Nevis. The Holiday Park is much smaller, giving it a quiet and family friendly vibe while still offering great amenities and a wonderful location adjacent to the River Lochy.

Although further from the Visitor Centre, Ben Nevis Holiday Park enjoys easy access to Fort William and Caol, making it easy to head into town from your campsite to grab a bite to eat or visit the shops.

The Holiday Park has standard pitches for caravans, a field for tents, and also has beautifully appointed glamping pods and self-catering holiday caravans. If you’re interested in glamping, check out our Fort William Glamping guide for additional ideas.

The tent pitches have picnic tables scattered throughout while the caravan spots have electric hookups and a select few enjoy water hookups and greywater drainage.

In addition to the stunning views of Ben Nevis, campers at Ben Nevis Holiday Park also have access showers, coin operated laundry, and clean restroom blocks.

Advance reservations are essential.

View of a valley in the Scottish Highlands

Linnhe Lochside Holidays

Distance to Ben Nevis Visitor Centre: 6 miles / 10km
Camping Options:
Caravan pitches, Tent pitches
Recommended. Click here to reserve.

Linnhe Lochside is set a bit further from Ben Nevis than the two options described above but still makes a great place to camp and enjoy some stunning views out over Loch Eil. This is a great place to stay for touring caravaners, as the sites are level and can accommodate a variety of setups including up to 40′ campers!

The pitches all enjoy wonderful views and are set amongst tall trees offering a bit of privacy and the feeling of really being in nature. Tent pitches enjoy some of the best locations within the campground, with the ability to pitch your tent right on the beach while caravan sites all have access to 10 amp eclectic hookups.

All campers enjoy access to common amenities such as WiFi, a clean shower block, dish washing room, and plentiful picnic tables. Unfortunately, there is no on-site shop, but you’re a relatively short distance from Corpach or Fort William which have everything you might need.

Ben Nevis Tent Camping

Great Glen Yurts

Distance to Ben Nevis Visitor Centre: 6 miles / 10km
Camping Options:
Camping Yurts, Shepherd’s Hut
Recommended. Click here to reserve.

If it’s a unique camping experience your after in the Ben Nevis area then we recommend checking out the Great Glen Yurts located north of Fort William. This isn’t a traditional campground, but rather provides the opportunity to spend the night in a unique and fully furnished yurt or reimagined shepherd’s hut.

Each yurt includes a thoughtfully crafter outdoor kitchen complete with gas cooker, BBQ, fridge, and more. The yurts themselves all have plush beds, wood burning stoves, and cozy rugs throughout. There are a variety of yurts available designed to accommodate everyone from couples to families on holiday.

There is also a single shepherd’s hut on offer that is perfect for a couple’s getaway.

Highly recommended if you’re looking for something different!

Ben Nevis Wild Camping

For the adventurous or just those with an adventurous spirit you might be wondering about the possibility of wild camping. We’re here to tell you that with a little preparation you can wild camp on Ben Nevis.

There are of course some additional considerations when planning a wild camping trip, and this goes doubly so for Ben Nevis given the rugged nature of the peak and famous Scottish weather you’re likely to encounter. Our top tips, recommendations, and must know for wild camping are below.

A Ben Nevis Wild camping spot

Wild Camping on Ben Nevis

Given that Ben Nevis is located in Scotland would-be wild campers will benefit greatly from that county’s wild camping rules. Unlike England and Wales, wild camping is broadly permitted and even encouraged throughout Scotland, so long as certain rules outlined in the Scottish Access Code are followed.

All those rules and best practices will certainly apply to Ben Nevis, and we’ve highlighted them below:

  • The Scottish Access Code permits wild camping.
  • Wild camping is lightweight, done in small numbers, and only for two or three nights in a single place.
  • Avoid camping in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals.
  • Keep your campsite well away from buildings and roads
  • Always Leave No Trace by packing out litter, property handling human waste, and removing evidence of your pitch, and avoiding campfires.

With these base principles in mind its easy to see how one could successfully wild camp on Ben Nevis. This will primarily appeal to walkers and mountaineers who are seeking to split their hike or climb into two days, with a single night spent out on the mountain.

If you’re coming for holiday and hoping to save on accommodation by simply pitching your tent at the base of the mountain and claiming it as ‘wild camping’ we recommend you consider other options.

For the sake of environmental preservation we won’t go into specific wild campsites on Ben Nevis, as those are best discovered on your own. However, a simple Google search will reveal a few good general areas.

If you’re considering wild camping, please ensure you are adequately prepared for all weather conditions and have ample supplies. Weather changes quickly in the Highlands and you won’t be able to simply amble down to the shops if you find yourself in need. Come prepared to be self-sufficient and you’re sure to have a wonderful wild camping experience.

Have a great trip!

That’s it!

We hope we’ve provided all of the information you need to plan a fantastic Ben Nevis camping trip, and we know you’ll find the perfect campsite for your upcoming adventure!

Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions and be sure to tell us about your trip!

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