The 6 BEST Camping Pour Overs of 2023

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Whether you’re looking to brew the perfect cup of backcountry coffee or simply looking for a way to elevate your car camping cuppa, a pour over is a fantastic way to make coffee on your next camping trip. There are tons of pour overs available, but not all of them will stand up to the rigors of a camping or backpacking trip.

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best camping pour overs for any type of camping in the following guide. From ultralight and packable, to unique folding designs, and full featured mug/pour over sets, there is a coffee set-up sure to meet your needs. And be sure to check out our reviews of the best camping kettles to complete your outdoor coffee setup.

Read on for our full review of the best camping pour overs, or simply check out our top picks below:

Best Camping Pour Overs

Best Overall: Stanley Pour Over Set

Stanley Pour Over Set

Stanley's integrated mug and filter combo is our top pick for a camping pour over. Not only is the set easy to use, the reusable filter makes it perfect for minimizing waste on our trip.

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04/11/2024 02:59 am GMT

For a classic take on the pour over that is perfect for car camping we recommend the Stanley Pour Over set. This 2-in-1 set contains both an insulated coffee mug along with a stainless steel pour over filter that nest together for great tasting coffee at your campsite.

We love that the pour over filter is made from stainless steel, so no need to worry about plastic taste, packing filters, or breaking glass at the campground. It is also incredibly durable and can withstand continued outdoor use.

While you can use the pour over with any mug, the included stainless steel mug is just as durable and keeps your coffee plenty warm throughout the morning.

Cleaning is relatively straightforward, just give the filter a quick rinse between uses and you should be good to go. The set is a bit heavy for use on your next backpacking trip, but isn’t so heavy that you can’t bring it on a quick weekend outing into the backcountry. Overall, the Stanley Pour Over Set is our top pick for car campers looking for a durable and well-designed pour over.

Best Value Camping Pour Over: GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

This lightweight pour-over is designed for use in the backcountry, but makes a great all around camping pour over for the budget conscious.

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04/11/2024 03:23 am GMT

If a no-frills, budget pour over is what you’re looking for then we really like the GSI Outdoors Ultra-light Java drip pour over. This simple pour over clips to nearly any mug, providing a secure attachment when pouring your hot water. You’ll also avoid the need to pack additional filters, as the Java Drip is made from a reusable filter. However, it can certainly be used with a filter if you’re looking to minimize cleanup time.

This is also a good option for backpacking, as the pour over itself weighs less than half an ounce and packs up small. You do have to be a bit careful as the plastic legs that attach the filter to the mug seem a bit susceptible to breaking, but we haven’t had any issues as of yet.

In terms of downsides, it can be a bit of a pain to clean out, but that is easily solved by packing a few disposable filters. And even still, we find it much easier than cleaning out our camping french press.

All in all, this is a great budget pour over that is well-suited for any type of adventure, from car camping to backpacking.

Best Pour Over for Backpacking: SOTO Helix Coffee Maker

SOTO Helix Coffee Maker

This ultralight, stainless steel pour over is perfect for backcountry expeditions. It weighs less than 2 ozs and folds flat for easy packing.

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04/11/2024 03:10 am GMT

If you’re looking for a coffee solution for your next backpacking trip, we think the SOTO Helix Coffee maker is a great option. Although it weighs slightly more than the GSI pour over in the section above, the SOTO gets our best for backpacking designation for it’s durable design and easy packability. It is light enough that you can pack your favorite backpacking coffee grinder for the ultimate backcountry coffee setup.

Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, the SOTO packs flat and then is assembled to create a cone that rests perfectly on any number of camping mugs. You’ll need to pack some #2 cone filters, but that actually makes cleanup much easier in the backcountry compared to some of the other options on the market. Just be sure to pack out those used filters and practice Leave No Trace principles!

We also love the fact that there are no plastic pieces on the SOTO, so no need to worry about any leaching or flavor contamination.

Most Innovative: MiiR Pourigami

MiiR, Pourigami

This collapsible pour over is easy to pack, lightweight, and gets top marks for a great cup of coffee. Perfect for backcountry enthusiasts!

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04/11/2024 03:14 am GMT

For a unique and stylish take on the classic camping pour over be sure to check out the Pourigami from the Japanese company Miir. This nifty device consists of three flat stainless steel pieces that interlock together to form the cone shape for your pour over. Simply insert a cone filter once assembled, add your coffee, and you’ll have a piping hot cuppa in no time.

As with some of the other options in this guide, we like that the Pourigami is made of stainless steel (with a powder coat finish), is relatively light, and packs down small into your backpack or camping bag.

On the downsides, a lot of users note that it can take a while for the water to make its way through the coffee and filter, which can sometimes lead to a cold cup of coffee. However, that hasn’t been our experience and we think the Pourigami makes a great choice for the camper with discerning design tastes!

Miir Pourigami coffee maker

Best Individual Camping Pour Over: Kuju Pour Over Packets

Kuju Pour Over Individual Coffee Packets
$14.99 ($5.00 / Ounce)

These easy to use single-serve coffee packs come with an innovative anchor design that attaches to any mug or tumbler. Simply pour your hot water through the filter and you'll have a perfect cup of coffee.

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04/11/2024 03:04 am GMT

If you’re looking to keep your coffee set-up simple and prefer packing less gear for your trip, then we recommend taking a look at the Kuju Pour Over individual coffee packets. These pour over coffee packets don’t require anything except for hot water and your favorite mug, and are cleverly designed to nest right into your favorite coffee mug.

This is a great upgrade for those who are looking for a better cup of coffee compared to the traditional instant coffees that are often brought along on backpacking trips. With the Kuji pour overs you’ll get REAL coffee in an easy to use single serve portion.

Campers of all types rave about the incredible flavor and ease of use with Kuju, and they don’t take up any more space in your bag than instant would. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an easy solution to upgrade your coffee on your next camping trip.

Worth Considering: Sea to Summit X-Brew

Sea to Summit X-Brew

The Sea to Summit X-Brew collapses for easy packing and comes with a reusable metal filter for easy cleaning and minimizing your camp waste.

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04/11/2024 03:18 am GMT

One final option that didn’t make the cut as a category winner up to this point in our guide, but that is still worth considering, is the Sea to Summit X-Brew. Sea to Summit has a reputation for making high-quality, bomber backpacking gear and we think the X-Brew continues that legacy.

This collapsible pour over has a metal screen that helps prevent fine grounds from making their way into your mug. This is a good option for backpacking, as it packs flat and weights only 3 ounces.

The X-Brew didn’t make the cut for our top backpacking pour over (that honor goes to the SOTO) given that there are reports of the metal screen breaking and some reports that the coffee itself isn’t as tasty when brewed with the X-Brew. However, this is still a good option to consider, especially for those who are venturing into the backcountry.

Camping Pour Over Buying Guide

There are so many different ways to make coffee while camping. From brewing a full french press to the much improved instant coffee options, percolators, and of course, the almighty pour over.

When comparing and deciding on which option is right for you, there are tons of factors to consider. While that is ultimately the topic of a future post, if you’ve landed on the pour over option we have a few key considerations to keep in mind in the following sections.

Car camping or backpacking?

As with most decisions related to your camping gear, there is often times a difference in the gear you’ll want to bring depending on whether you’re car camping or backpacking. Weight, durability, and capacity are all areas that you’ll have to make tradeoffs depending on your intended outing, and selecting the right camping pour over is no different.

Find a few details on both options below:

  • Backpacking: If you’re heading into the backcountry, you’ll want a pour over that is lightweight, folds flats, and that is durable. While there are tons of options on the market, we really like the SOTO Helix for backpacking as it folds completely flat and is made of all metal parts. If you want something even simpler, packing a few of the Kuju individual pour overs is another great option. And don’t think that just because you’re backpacking you can’t grind your own beans! There are some great backpacking specific coffee grinders on the market that are worth considering.
  • Car Camping: Car camping obviously let’s you disregard, or at least place less emphasis, on weight and bulk when considering your best options. Packability is always nice, but if you’re not carrying everything in on your back you can use slightly bulker options like the Stanley 2-in-1 pour over set. That’s not to say that our favorite for backpacking won’t still be a great option for car camping, you’ll just have a few more options to consider. You’ll also have room to pack your favorite kettle to get the optimal coffee experience.

Reusable vs disposable filters

One final feature to carefully consider when selecting the best camping pour over for your situation is whether you’ll need to use disposable filters or not. Many of the options in this guide can be used with or without a separate filter, but several do require them.

In general, the built-in metals filters that come with some pour overs for camping work well, but will always result in a grittier coffee compared to those that use a filter. However, not having to pack filter and avoiding extra waste is a great reason to pick up a pour over that has its own built in filter.

Again, you’ll want to think about the types of trips you’ll be using it on and think about whether or not packing disposable filters will be a headache, or worth it for a slightly improved cup of coffee.

Conclusion & Wrap-Up

There have never been more options for brewing the perfect pour over on your next camping trip. Regardless of if you’re heading out for a quick overnighter or packing the van for a month on the road there is a perfect option for your situation.

Overall, we think either the Stanley Pour Over set or SOTO Helix offer the best combination of ease of use, durability, and of course great coffee.

Let us know if you’ve been using one of these french presses or have another recommendation in the comments below.

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