Rock spires in the foreground with pine forests in the background in Black Hills National Forest

The BEST Black Hills Dispersed Camping

From its legendary Badlands to its wide-open prairies, South Dakota has endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure. Of all the state’s natural wonders, the Black Hills are undoubtedly some of the best. Black Hills National Forest encompasses 1.2 million … Read More

Castle at Lindisfarne on Holy Island

St. Cuthbert’s Way Accommodation Guide

St. Cuthbert’s Way is a wonderful walk for anyone looking to explore the Scottish Borderlands and Northumberland. This 62-mile walk (100-km) connects the Melrose Abbey with the Holy Island of Lindisfarne as a means of paying tribute to Saint Cuthbert. … Read More

Colorado Trail Gear List

Preparing for a hike on the Colorado Trail is no small task. Whether you’re planning on a complete thru-hike of the 486-mile trail, or are simply spending a weekend overnighter out on the trail you’ll need to be sure you’ve … Read More

Stone wall with green hills in the background.

Dales Way Accommodation Guide

The Dales Way is a fantastic walk for anyone seeking an approachable long-distance trail that showcases some of England’s most beautiful countryside. Although it’s know for being one Britain’s easiest long walks, it certainly isn’t boring. It winds its way … Read More

Summit of Georgia Pass on the Colorado Trail

Colorado Trail | Maps & Resources

The Colorado Trail is one of the great walks of the American West. Traversing nearly 500 mountainous miles between Denver, CO and Durango, CO, the trail takes in some of its namesake state’s best scenery, most remote wilderness, and authentic … Read More

View of Mt. Sherman

Colorado 14ers | Maps & Resources

Colorado’s 14,000′ peaks are a defining feature of this mountainous state and beckon hikers and climbers to attempt to ascend to their lofty summits. Ranging from straightforward hikes to high-difficulty climbs, the 14ers offer a way to explore Colorado and … Read More