Black kettle hanging from a stick over a campfire.

The BEST Camping Kettles

It’s one of our favorite parts of camping – sipping a hot, comforting drink surrounded by nature.  A camping kettle is one of the essentials of any good camping setup, whether you’re ‘glamping’ or traveling light. It’s essential for making … Read More

Winter in the Yosemite valley

The BEST Winter Camping in California (10+ Best Sites)

California’s stunning landscapes make for more than just summer camping trips. Many of the state’s most incredible destinations are best visited during the winter months when crowds recede and temperatures are often manageable. From the desert camping of Joshua Tree … Read More

A cup of instant coffee outside

The BEST Instant Coffee for Camping

Embarking on an upcoming adventure? When it comes to packing the ‘best’ instant coffee, you might be unsure how to pick the cream of the crop. Whether you’re a novice backpacker or an expert camper, a steaming cup of joe … Read More

A percolator setup outside.

The BEST Camping Percolators of 2024

Planning a trip to the woods, but simply can’t go a day without coffee? Looking for an affordable and user-friendly percolator because instant coffee just isn’t cutting it? Well, you’re in luck! This helpful guide has everything you’ve ever needed … Read More