Image of GR20 trail marker

GR20 | Maps

The GR20 takes hikers on a spectacular trail across the island of Corsica and is one of the most renowned long-distance treks in the world. The route is broken into 16 stages and is traditionally walked from north to south, … Read More

Tents on the hillside at Refuge d'Uscoilu.

10 Essentials for the GR20

The GR20 is an intimidating trek. Between the complicated logistics and the serious physical challenges, traversing the rugged spine of Corsica is no small feat. The GR20 doesn’t allow much room for error or easy outs; little oversights can quickly … Read More

How to Train for the GR20

While the GR20 gets a lot of hype for its spectacular beauty (and it doesn’t disappoint), it’s perhaps even better known for earning the title of being the “toughest trek in Europe.” There is no doubt that hiking the GR20 … Read More

The GR20: How Difficult is it?

So how tough is Europe’s toughest trek? Short answer: pretty tough. And what about the GR20 makes it hard? Short answer: lots of things. Medium answer: the physical challenges, the sheer length of the trek, the weather conditions, and the … Read More

How to Navigate on the GR20 | GPS Maps

It is often said that if you walk more than 20 feet on the GR20 without seeing one of the famous red and white paint flashes that you’ve gone off the trail. In reality, navigating on the GR20 is a … Read More

GR20 Logistics

Planning a GR20 hike is a tremendous undertaking. Known as the hardest trek in Europe, the GR20 has more than its fair share of challenges. The route, weather, and trail conditions all conspire to truly make this one of the … Read More

Hiker silhouetted against clouds on the GR20.

GR20 Packing List

There are some long-distance hikes in which you can get away with carrying stuff you don’t need. Sure, you may find yourself huffing and puffing a little more than you’d like and your knees might be cranky by the end … Read More

Hikers silhouetted at the top of a bocca on the southern half of the GR20.

The GR20 Sud: Trip Report

In this post, we’ll share our experiences from the southern half of the GR20. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first half of this two-part series, in which we documented the good, the bad, and the … Read More

Sunset at Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu

The GR20 Nord: Trip Report

We were a little intimidated by the GR20 before we hiked it. Scratch that. To be honest, we were totally and completely scared.  While reading the guidebooks and blogs in preparation for our trip, we were confronted by a seemingly … Read More

How much it cost us to hike the GR20.

How Much It Cost Us to Hike the GR20  

There are endless ways to fail at the GR20. It’s got a reputation for being the toughest trek in Europe, and for good reason. In fact, some statistics indicate that over half of those who start the GR20 don’t complete … Read More