10 Essentials for the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is no doubt one of the greatest hiking trips in the world. The route is filled with incredible views, towns, and people, and it will surely be a trip we never forget. We highly recommend camping along the way as you’ll save money and experience the towns and stops along the TMB in a very different way. We’ve also published our packing list for those curious as to what they may need to bring to ensure they are equipped for this adventure. But what other recommendations do we have for those considering tackling the awesome experience that is the TMB? Here are our 10 essentials for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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How to Train for the Tour du Mont Blanc

Imagine the following scenario: You are hiking the Tour of Mont Blanc, the trip you’ve been dreaming about for months, if not years. The scenery is surpassing your expectations as you encounter idyllic villages and jaw-dropping vistas.  The only problem? … Read More

Image showing various trail signs on the TMB.

How to find all of your campgrounds on the TMB

If you’re using our Guide to Camping on the TMB in conjunction with our post on how to navigate the trek, we thought it would be helpful to provide a resource for finding your campground when using the Gaia GPS app on your smartphone. The following post will show you how to download customized location data for all of the campgrounds mentioned in the camping guide and how to use it with our guide to navigating the TMB as well as our guide to Tour du Mont Blanc maps. Let’s get started.

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