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Colorado’s 14,000′ peaks are a defining feature of this mountainous state and beckon hikers and climbers to attempt to ascend to their lofty summits. Ranging from straightforward hikes to high-difficulty climbs, the 14ers offer a way to explore Colorado and see it’s beautiful landscape from stunning heights.

This Colorado 14ers map guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with each of these mountains by providing in-depth maps, navigational resources, and more!

Let’s get started.

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Colorado 14ers Overview

To start, it’s good to have an understanding of what qualifies as a 14er and how many there are in Colorado. It’s a bit complicated and carries a tad bit of controversy, which we break down below:

  • There are 58 named peaks above 14,000′ in Colorado
  • However, five of these peaks (Mount Cameron, El Diente Peak, Conundrum Peak, Challenger Point & North Eolus) do not meet the technical definition of a mountain peak because they do rise at least 300′ from an adjoining ridge, saddle, or pass.
  • This is known as prominence, as is a key indicator when determining the definition of a given mountain feature.
  • As a result, there are only 53 official 14ers in Colorado, but we prefer to count them all and most sources you’ll find reference 58 14,000′ peaks.
  • For our purposes and this post we’ll count all 58 named peaks as 14ers.
Mount Democrat
Mount Democrat (14,155′)

Colorado 14ers Map

The 14ers map below shows each of the 58 14ers to give you a sense of how these peaks are spread across Colorado. As you can see, many of these peaks are very close to each other, making it difficult to display them all on a single map with any amount of detail. If you’re looking for a more in-depth view, the interactive map in the following section does just that.

Colorado 14ers Map
Colorado 14ers Map

Interactive Colorado 14ers Map

To get a better sense of each 14ers location we created the interactive Colorado 14ers map below. Each mountain range is color coded and you can click on a peak to get more information.

Colorado 14ers List

The complete list of 14ers arraigned by height is below:

  1. Mt. Elbert | 14,440′
  2. Mt. Massive | 14,428′
  3. Mt. Harvard | 14,421′
  4. Blanca Peak | 14,351′
  5. La Plata Peak | 14,343′
  6. Uncompahgre Peak | 14,321′
  7. Crestone Peak | 14,300′
  8. Mt. Lincoln | 14,293′
  9. Castle Peak | 14,279′
  10. Grays Peak | 14,278′
  11. Mt. Antero | 14,276′
  12. Torreys Peak | 14,275′
  13. Quandary Peak | 14,271′
  14. Mt. Evans | 14,271′
  15. Longs Peak | 14,259′
  16. Mt. Wilson | 14,252′
  17. Mt. Cameron | 14,238′
  18. Mt. Shavano | 14,231′
  19. Mt. Princeton | 14,204′
  20. Mt. Belford | 14,203′
  21. Crestone Needle | 14,203′
  22. Mt. Yale | 14,200′
  23. Mt. Bross | 14,178′
  24. Kit Carson Peak | 14,171′
  25. El Diente Peak | 14,165′
  26. Maroon Peak | 14,163′
  27. Tabeguache Peak | 14,162′
  28. Mt. Oxford | 14,160′
  29. Mt. Sneffels | 14,158′
  30. Mt. Democrat | 14,155′
  31. Capitol Peak | 14,137′
  32. Pikes Peak | 14,115′
  33. Snowmass Mountain | 14,099′
  34. Windom Peak | 14,093′
  35. Mt. Eolus | 14,090′
  36. Challenger Point | 14,087′
  37. Mt. Columbia | 14,077′
  38. Missouri Mountain | 14,074′
  39. Humboldt Peak | 14,070′
  40. Mt. Bierstadt | 14,065′
  41. Sunlight Peak | 14,065′
  42. Conundrum Peak | 14,064′
  43. Handies Peak | 14,058′
  44. Culebra Peak | 14,053′
  45. Ellingwood Point | 14,048′
  46. Mt. Lindsey | 14,048′
  47. Little Bear Peak | 14,043′
  48. Mt. Sherman | 14,043′
  49. Redcloud Peak | 14,041′
  50. North Eolus | 14,039′
  51. Pyramid Peak | 14,025′
  52. Wilson Peak | 14,023′
  53. San Luis Peak | 14,022′
  54. Wetterhorn Peak | 14,021′
  55. North Maroon Peak | 14,012′
  56. Mt. of the Holy Cross | 14,011′
  57. Huron Peak | 14,010′
  58. Sunshine Peak | 14,007′ (barely!)

Source: Wikipedia

Colorado 14ers Mountain Range Map

Now that we have an understanding of what constitutes a 14er and how many there are in Colorado, let’s take a look at the various mountain ranges that contain 14ers in Colorado:

  • Front Range: Six 14ers
  • Tenmile-Mosquito Range: Six 14ers
  • Sawatch Range: 15 14ers
  • Elk Range: 7 14ers
  • San Juan Range: 14 14ers
  • Sangre de Cristo Range: 10 14ers
Map of Colorado 14ers by mountain range.
Map of Colorado 14ers by mountain range.

As you can see, there is a ton of geographic diversity across the state when it comes to 14,000′ peaks.

Which map should I carry to climb a 14er?

Having some sort of plan to navigate while on the trail is essential during any outdoor activity and hiking a 14er is no different. Although paper maps are great, they aren’t always practical for something like a day hike to the top of a 14er. You end up buying a map that you’ll use maybe once or twice, which doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Instead, we much prefer to use a digital map as part of a GPS app on our phone. The best of bunch for hiking and climbing 14ers in our opinion, is Gaia GPS. Gaia’s map layers are far superior to other apps and include their excellent topo layer as well as National Geographic Trails Illustrated maps, our personal favorite for hiking 14ers. You do have to pay for the premium version to be able to use offline, but that is well worth it.

You can get 20% off Gaia GPS Premium using this link.

If you are set on using a paper map or simply want one for a backup there are a few that we recommend. As we mentioned above, we really like the Nat Geo Trails Illustrated maps on Gaia GPS, but they also make great paper maps too. You can pick these up at your local REI or find them online as well. Generally speaking, you’ll want a fairly high level of detail for hiking a 14er, so be sure the version your getting is at a large enough scale!

Here are links to a few good paper maps for some of the most popular 14ers:

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