Cotswold Way Accommodation Guide

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The Cotswold Way meanders through some of the loveliest countryside England has to offer. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the perfect backdrop for one of England’s most popular National Trails. For those that walk the Cotswold Way you’ll be treated to beautiful lavender fields, stunning Cotswold stone buildings, and of course some lovely accommodation.

Your options for where to stay on the Cotswold Way are nearly endless as you’ll be able to choose from an array of campgrounds, bed & breakfast inns, and boutique hotels. This means that nearly any budget can be accommodated by the lodging options on the Cotswold Way.

This Cotswold Way Accommodation Guide has been designed to help you understand your options for each stop along the route and get the most out of your walk.

Bed and breakfast on the Cotswold Way


In This Cotswold Way Accommodation Guide

Should I reserve my Cotswold Way accommodation in advance?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes!

The Cotswolds are a popular tourist destination for both the English as well as international tourists. That means that accommodation is often fully booked for weeks or months in advance, especially during the peak summer season.

So, for those walking the Cotswold Way we highly recommend reserving your accommodation well in advance, especially if walking during the summer.

When booking for peak season in the Cotswolds, the earlier the better. If you are able, we recommend trying to reserve the most in-demand accommodation up to 3-4 months in advance. Even if you plan to incorporate a bit on spontaneity into your walk it is advised to at least phone ahead to your next destination before arriving.

English breakfast
Expect a filling breakfast at any of the B&Bs on the Cotswold Way.


Cotswold Way Accommodation Cost

Given that the Cotswold Way rarely strays far from civilization you’ll have plenty of options to create your perfect itinerary. This can mean taking your time and spending two weeks on the walk, or speeding through in 6-7 days.

Whichever your personal preference is, you can rest assured that you’ll have no shortage of itinerary options.

Similarly, you can personalize the cost of the accommodation you select for your walk to meet your budget.

Do keep in mind that the Cotswolds are a very expensive part of England, especially when it comes to lodging. The popularity of visiting the area means that hotel and B&B prices tend to be quite a bit higher than other parts of the country.

Nightly cost also varies widely across the Cotswold Way, with more popular destinations such as Bath costing more than some of the rural areas of the walk. Given all of these factors it can be difficult to pin down average costs for the Cotswold Way, but we’ve taken a stab at it below:

  • B&B/Guesthouse/Hotel: £90+ (per person/per night)
  • Bunkhouse/Hostel: £50+ (per person/per night)
  • Camping: £15+ (per person/per night)

In our accommodation directory, we’ve provided our recommendations for high-end, mid-range, and budget options at all of the common stopping points along the Cotswold Way. We’ve defined those categories as follows:

  • High-End: £95+ (per person/per night)
  • Mid-Range: £50-90 (per person/per night)
  • Budget:<£50 (per person/per night)

Note that not every stop along the walk will feature accommodation that fits neatly into each of the categories above. In those cases we’ve included multiple options in a specific price point based on what is available.

Path on the Cotswold Way


Cotswold Way Accommodation Directory & Map

Looking for accommodation on the Cotswold Way can be overwhelming. There are a plethora of options, many of which can prove difficult to discern their value. In the accommodation directory below we’ve distilled this information into an easy to ready format with key details about your options, as well as our recommendations for every budget.

We’ve organized our list to follow most variations of the classic north to south Cotswold Way itinerary from Chipping Campden to Bath.

You can also view all of the accommodation providers in this directory on the interactive map below.

Looking for more Cotswold Way resources? Check out our Cotswold Way | Maps & Routes article here.

Looking for an easy way to access Cotswold Way maps and accommodation information on your phone? Check out the Hiiker app! It’s a valuable tool to have with you on the trail. 

Read the directory in its entirety or jump to a specific stopping point from the list below:

Bath on the Cotswold Way


Chipping Campden

High-End: Cotswold House Hotel and Spa

If you’re interested in starting your Cotswold Way walk off with a bit of luxury then look no further than the Cotswold House Hotel & Spa. The comfortable beds and on-site spa are just what you need before embarking on your journey. Be sure to stick around for breakfast before setting out!

Mid-Range: Eight Bells Inn

The charming Eight Bells Inn is always a top pick in Chipping Campden. Located in a historic and charming building the friendly staff will have you feeling right at home. However, what really sets the Eight Bells Inn apart is the excellent food available in the on-site restaurant.

Budget: Volunteer Inn

The Volunteer Inn is centrally located at the end of High Street in Chipping Campden and provides excellent value for the money. You’ll be easy walking distance to a host of nearby amenities and be able to retire to your comfortable bed at the end of the night. Highly recommended!

Chipping Campden accommodation Cotswold Way



High-End: The Lygon Arms Hotel

The Lygon Arms is set in a palatial looking structure constructed from beautiful Cotswold stone. Perfectly blending contemporary and classic design, each of the rooms is carefully curated. This is an excellent option for those looking for bespoke accommodation in Broadway.

Mid-Range: The Broadway Hotel

The Broadway Hotel features 19 well thought out rooms that make a great mid-range option in Broadway. The structure of the hotel dates back to the 16th century, but guests will enjoy modern amenities. Guests give rave reviews to the breakfast, the perfect way to start a day on the Cotswold Way.

Budget: Horse & Hound Inn

A friendly pub-accommodation option in Broadway the Horse & Hound Inn is a great budget option. The convivial atmosphere and friendly staff make this a popular spot for walkers. Enjoy a pint at the pub and mingle with the locals.



Mid-Range: The Old Post House

The Old Post House B&B offers quiet and private accommodation in Stanton. Choose from a converted shepherd’s hut or the beautiful Garden Room, located in a separate building. There are only two rooms here, ensuring you’ll get great service. Be sure to spend some time enjoying the beautiful gardens.

Mid-Range: The Vine at Cotswold Riding

Set in the center of Stanton and part of the large Cotswolds Riding equestrian center, the Vine offers classic B&B accommodation. A homey spot, the roaring fire and simple guest rooms evoke a classic Cotswold vibe.



High-End: The Lion Inn

Located just off the Cotswold Way, the Lion Inn offers beautiful guest rooms to weary Cotswold Way walkers. Staff go above and beyond to ensure you have a comfortable stay and the rooms are spotlessly clean. While certainly on the higher end of the price spectrum, you’ll get great value for your money here.

Mid-Range: The White Hart Inn

The White Hart Inn is located in the thick of the action in Winchcombe and right on the Cotswold Way. This pub accommodation provides basic rooms with loads of character and incredibility friendly staff.

Budget: Wesley House

The Wesley House is known for its outstanding breakfasts and simple guest rooms. Set in a Tudor style building the Wesley House presents the best value in Winchcombe. With just four rooms available be sure to book early.


Cleeve Hill

High-End: Malvern View Bed & Breakfast

The Malvern View B&B offers views of Cleeve Hill from its cozy lounge and features exceptionally friendly hosts. The rooms are thoughtfully adorned, the breakfast excellent, and the grounds well kept. This is an excellent family run B&B, which is what a trip to the Cotswolds is all about!

Mid-Range: Cleeve Hill Hotel

The well cared for Cleeve Hill Hotel features 13 rooms and makes a great mid-range option in Cleeve Hill. The owner ensures all guest’s needs are met and does a splendid breakfast. Views from the rooms are exceptional as well.

Budget: Rising Sun Hotel

The Rising Sun Hotel is a great budget-friendly spot featuring a restaurant/pub and lovely back terrace. The rooms are basic, but all are clean and functional. The Hotel is located just off the Cotswold Way making this a popular place to overnight for walkers.

Cleeve Hill
Cleeve Hill, the high point of the Cotswold Way.



Mid-Range: DoubleTree Cheltenham

The DoubleTree is more convenient than most Cheltenham options for Cotswold Way walkers, as it is located on the edge of town near the trail. You’ll get a predictable experience here with comfortable rooms, a good breakfast, and well-maintained facilities.

Mid-Range: The London Inn

The London Inn offers a classic pub hotel in Cheltenham. You’ll have to walk a bit further off the Cotswold Way to reach the Inn, but you’ll be rewarded with a friendly and cozy place to spend the night. The rooms are basic, but the breakfast is exceptional!

Budget: Colgate Farm B&B

The best located option near Cheltenham for Cotswold Way walkers, the Colgate Farm B&B is located just off the trail. This pastoral B&B has all of the rural Cotswold charm you could ask for along with friendly owners. While not the most luxurious, this is a great place to spend the night.



Mid-Range: Royal George Hotel

The only accommodation in Birdlip, the Royal George Hotel offers good value. The staff is very welcoming and there is a great atmosphere in the on-site pub. While the bathrooms could use some updating, the Royal George is overall an excellent option.



High-End: The Painswick

The Painswick is one of the best hotels on the Cotswold Way and we highly recommend a stay here for anyone passing through. This beautiful hotel does everything right, from the excellent food, comfortable rooms, and friendly staff. A bit of a splurge, but well worth it!

Mid-Range: The Falcon Inn

The Falcon Inn is a cozy and well-run option in Painswick. The rooms are beautifully decorated and a stay here won’t break the bank. Guests give it great reviews for its excellent location right in the center of Painswick as well as for its accommodating staff.

Budget: Troy House

The Troy House is a lovely bed & breakfast that provides an affordable option in Painswick. The friendly owners are very welcoming to walkers and the back garden is a welcome respite for tired legs. Highly recommended.


King’s Stanley

Mid-Range: Orchardene Bed & Breakfast

The Orchardene Bed & Breakfast is a classic Cotswold bed and breakfast. Friendly owners, a beautiful building, and a hearty breakfast all make this a great option for walkers in King’s Stanley. Be sure to book early as they only have two rooms.

Mid-Range: Valley Views B&B

The Valley Views B&B is the most convenient option in King’s Stanley as it is located mere steps from the Cotswold Way. Beautiful views, a manicured garden, and excellent owners make this a great mid-range option for walkers.

Budget: The White Hart

The White Hart is a bit further from the trail but provides excellent, budget-friendly accommodation. This free house has clean rooms and a great breakfast, everything the Cotswold Way walkers could need. Although it will require a bit more walking from the trail to reach, we still think this could be your best bet in the area.



Mid-Range: Woodland House B&B

Accommodation in Dursely is a bit limited, but luckily there is the excellent Woodland House B&B. Set is a peaceful residential neighborhood, the friendly owners will welcome you with open arms. The cozy rooms and tasty breakfast will have you ready for your next day on the walk!



Mid-Range: The Swan Hotel

The Swan Hotel provides a good mid-range option for walkers stopping in Wotton-under-Edge. The rooms are very comfortable, with many featuring additional seating areas to relax. Located right in the center of town you’ll also have easy access to shops, restaurants, and anything else you may need.



Mid-Range: Little Smithy B&B

Little Smithy sits in the center of the small village of Tormarton, right on the Cotswold Way. This family run B&B hosts plenty of walkers, so you’ll be well taken care of. There are only two rooms here, both located in a small cottage separate from the main house.

Mid-Range: Best Western Compass Inn

This predictable option offers good value for the money on the edge of Tormarton. The Best Western gets mixed reviews, but overall provides an excellent option for Cotswold Way walkers. Food is available onsite. 

Mid-Range: Noades Studio

Noades Studio offers quaint B&B accommodations for Cotswold Way walkers. The rooms are very comfortable, host Jane’s hospitality is unparalleled, and breakfast is fantastic. 


Cold Ashton

Mid-Range: Cornflake Cottage B&B

The Cornflake Cottage is a lovey, rural B&B just north of Cold Ashton in Pennsylvania. There are only two rooms here, and the outgoing owners will have you feeling right at home. Beautiful pastoral views make this a restful place to spend the night.

Mid-Range: Whittington Farm B&B

Located right on the Cotswold Way in Cold Ashton, is the Whittington Farm B&B. This lovely guest house has just two rooms and anyone who stays here can’t seem to say enough about how great it is. The perfect place to spend what is likely you last night on the Cotswold Way.



High-End: The Gainsborough

Let’s face it, at the end of a long walk there is nothing better than splurging for a luxurious hotel stay. For those with the same mindset, we highly recommend staying a night at The Gainsborough in central Bath. This five star accommodation is sure to be just what the doctor ordered after having just completed the Cotswold Way.

Mid-Range: The Rising Sun Inn

For those who still want a relaxing stay, but without the price tag of some of the fancier options look no further than the Rising Sun Inn. Set just across the river from the center of Bath you’ll enjoy the location as well as the great staff and comfortable rooms.

Budget: Z Hotel

The Z Hotel is a great budget option in a city that is known for its expensive lodging. The more affordable rooms don’t have a window, but you’ll have extra money to enjoy a pint at one of the many pubs. The friendly staff make this our top pick for budget accommodation in Bath.


River in Bath, UK
Be sure to spend some time exploring Bath at the end of your Cotswold Way walk.


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