The Complete Guide to Camping at Devils Tower National Monument

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Devils Tower National Monument is America’s first National Monument and an incredible sight to behold. The stunning butte that rises above the Black Hills is sacred to many of the Native American tribes that call the Great Plains home and is sure to inspire visitors to this beautiful place. Climbing, hiking, and taking in the night sky are all quintessential experiences at Devils Tower.

We think the best way to experience Devils Tower is to spend a few nights in your tent or RV taking in this unique landscape.

Devils Tower and the surrounding areas have camping options to suit any style. From the national monuments lone developed campground, to nearby RV campgrounds, and the surrounding Black Hills National Forest, you’ll have plenty of options to find the perfect campsite.

Keeping reading to get all the details to plan your perfect camping trip to Devils Tower National Monument.

Road next to Devils Tower
Camping is the perfect way to experience all that Devils Tower has to offer.


In this Devils Tower Camping Guide


Devils Tower National Monument Campgrounds

Devils Tower National Monument sits in northeast Wyoming at the edge of the Black Hills and adjacent to the Belle Fourche River. The main attraction of the monument is of course the tower itself, which rises 867 feet from its base to the summit. The entire area of the monument emcompasses over 1,300 acres and features a variety of hiking trails that showcase the beauty of this pristine environment.

There is only a single developed campground at Devils Tower, known as the Belle Fourche River Campground. However, there are several nearby campgrounds that provide additional accommodation options for visitors.

The map below gives you a general sense of where Belle Fourche River Campground is located as well as its relation to the surrounding area. 

Map of the campground in Devils Tower National Monument
Map showing the Belle Fourche River Campground in Devils Tower National Monument. Map credit NPS.


In addition to the overview map shown above we’ve also created an interactive map with all of the campgrounds included in this guide displayed.

Campgrounds with a green tent icon are the developed campgrounds within the Monument, the blue camper trailer icon represents RV campgrounds near the park, and finally the red tent icon represents car camping options near Devils Tower National Monument.



Reservations & Permits

It is not possible to make an advance reservation at the the Belle Fourche Campground at Devils Tower National Monument. This can be both a blessing and a curse as it provides a level playing field for campers, but also prevents you from making advance plans for your trip.

You’ll have the best luck at securing a spot during peak season here by showing up early and being patient. Weekdays are also always better than weekends for campsite availability.

For those who prefer to have a reservation before making what will likely be a long drive to Devils Tower, we recommend checking out one of the nearby campgrounds that accepts reservations.

Camping near Devils Tower at dusk


What to Bring

Preparing for your Devils Tower camping trip involves more than deciding which campground best fits your needs. There is also the important job of making sure you have all the right gear you’ll need to ensure a great trip.

We’re sure you’ll already have the essentials like a great tentsleeping bags, and camp chairs, but below are some of our favorite items specifically for camping at Devils Tower National Monument:

  • Coleman Camping Stove – This camping classic is perfect cooking up campsite dinners.
  • Portable water container – These portable water containers are a lifesaver.
  • Cooler – A good cooler makes any camping trip better. We can’t recommend Yeti enough!
  • Black Hills Family Fun Guide – A good guidebook will provide insights and information to help you plan your perfect trip to Devils Tower. We like this family-friendly guide that covers Devils Tower, the Black Hills, and Badlands.

When to Camp at Devils Tower

The Belle Fourche River Campground is open seasonally from mid-May through mid-October.

Peak camping season in Devils Tower generally aligns with summer in this part of the world, with most visitors coming between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you’re looking for a bit of solitude during your visit, it is best to try and plan your camping trip just outside of these dates.

Find more information on the weather conditions you can expect to encounter in Devils Tower National Monument here. 

Devils Tower National Monument generally is closed for the winter months, although it does open for 10 days or so around Spring Break. This is typically from about March 19th – April 1st. If you plan to visit in winter, you can always enjoy the outstanding views from Highway 24, which runs adjacent to Devils Tower.

Find more information on opening hours and seasons in Devils Tower National Monument here. 

Snow on Devils Tower
Winter brings cold temperatures and snow to Devils Tower. Photo credit NPS/S. Carter


Developed Campgrounds at Devils Tower National Monument

There is a single developed campground in Devils Tower National Monument. For those interested in seeing additional camping options, check out the next section on campgrounds near Devils Tower.

There is a 14-day stay limit for all campers at the Belle Fourche River Campground.

Belle Fourche River Campground

Number of Sites: 46 sites (including 3 tent-only group sites)
Fee: $20/night for individual sites, $30/night for group sites
RVs: Yes, max length of approximately 35′. No hookups available.
Reservations: All sites are first-come, first-served.
Season: Open seasonally from May 15th – October 15th
More Information

Belle Fourche River Campground in Devils Tower.
Beautifuls views of Devils Tower from the Belle Fourche River Campground. Photo credit NPS/Avery Locklear


The Belle Fourche River Campground is the lone campground in Devils Tower National Monument and is located just off the main park road to the south of the tower itself.

Belle Fourche features 46 campsites organized into two loops, known as Loop A and Loop B. Of the 46 total sites, three are designed as tent-only group campsites that can accommodate up to 20 people each. Additionally, the campground features four accessible sites.

RVs and trailers up to 35′ are welcome at the campground, although you won’t find any hookups available. Individual sites can accommodate up to 8 people, and no more than four cars per campsite are allowed.

The campground is set in a beautiful location adjacent to the Belle Fourche River and many of the sites have stunning views of Devils Tower through the trees. Campsites feature fire rings, picnic tables, and all have access to potable water. Campfires are permitted at the campground, but must be fully contained within the provided fire ring.

Check out the NPS map below to get a better sense of the layout of the Belle Fourche River Campground in Devils Tower National Monument.

Map of the Belle Fourche River Campground
Map of the Belle Fourche River Campground. Map credit NPS/Joe Bruce


Camping near Devils Tower National Monument

Given that there is just a single NPS run campground at Devils Tower, it is always possible (and even likely) that you won’t be able to find a campsite in Devils Tower National Monument. However, don’t give up just yet as there are plenty of option in the surrounding area to meet your needs.

Check out your best options for RV campingcar camping, and free dispersed camping near Devils Tower National Monument below.

For those looking to explore some of the other highlights of South Dakota and the Black Hills, check out our other camping guides:


RV campgrounds near Devils Tower

Those camping in an RV will have several options just outside of Devils Tower. From the KOA campground located just steps from the monument to full service campgrounds in nearby towns, we’re sure you’ll find an RV campground that fits your needs.

Keep reading to learn more.

RV camping at Devils Tower


Devils Tower KOA Campground

Number of sites: Plenty!
Fee: $30 – $100/night depending on site, hookups, etc.
Capacity: None stated.
RVs: Yes, full hookups available.
Reservations: Recommended. Click here to reserve.
Pets: Allowed
More Information

The Devils Tower KOA Campground is the most convenient option for RV camping near Devils Tower National Monument. The campground is located just outside the monument, providing for incredibly easy access. Many RV campers may prefer the KOA to the Belle Fourche Campground given the amenities you’ll have access to here.

Campsites feature electric hookups and many have unobstructed views of Devils Tower. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the on-site restaurant, heated pool, playground, and more.


Devils Tower View Campground

Number of sites: Plenty!
Fee: Varies depending on site.
Capacity: None stated.
RVs: Yes, electric hookups available.
Reservations: Recommended. Click here to reserve.
Pets: Allowed
More Information

Located just a few miles south of Devils Tower National Monument on Highway 24, the Devils Tower View Campground is a great option for RV campers. The campground features sites with 30/50 amp service as well as plenty of space for tent campers. You’ll enjoy great views of the Tower from your campsite as well.

On-site amenities include a popular restaurant, gift shop selling local artisan products, and an outdoor gazebo. We recommend Mountain View for anyone looking for a quieter experience than what the KOA offers.


Mountain View RV Park & Campground

Number of sites: Plenty!
Fee: $29 – $46/night
Capacity: None stated.
RVs: Yes, electric hookups available.
Reservations: Recommended. Call 307-283-2270
Pets: Allowed
More Information

The Mountain View RV Park & Campground is located approximately 30 minutes from Devils Tower in the town of Sundance, Wyoming. The campground features plenty of RV campsites with electric hookups as well as a huge, 2-acre field to accommodate tent campers. You’ll be a just a few minutes from Sundance, which has bars, restaurants, and other services available.

On-site amenities at Mountain View include a small shop selling necessities, a heated pool, and a snack bar.


Car camping sites near Devils Tower

A tent near Devils Tower


Devils Tower Tipi Camping

Number of sites: Six tipis available
Fee: $50 – $75/night
Capacity: 4 – 8 people depending on size of tipi
RVs: Not permitted.
Reservations: Required. Contact via website
Pets: Allowed
More Information

A unique car camping option just minutes from Devils Tower is the Devils Tower Tipi Campground. Here you’ll find six traditional Sioux teepees available for rent with beautiful views of the Tower. All teepees come with a camp stove, three gallons of water, a lantern, and coffee, setting you up for a lovely trip.

Devils Tower Tipi gets rave reviews for the friendly and helpful owner. Highly recommended!


Black Hills National Forest Campgrounds

Number of Sites: Reuter Campground (24 sites) / Sundance Campground (10 sites) / Cook Lake Campground (32 sites) / Bearlodge Campground (8 sites)
Fee: $14 – $24/night
Capacity: Varies depending on campground
RVs: Most sites have space, but good to check in advance.
Reservations: Recommended for Reuter, Sundance, & Cook Lake. Visit to reserve
Pets: Allowed.
More Information

The Black Hills National Forest encompasses over 1.2 million acres of land in South Dakota and Wyoming. The National Forest is not contiguous, and a smaller enclave is located just east of Devils Tower. Here, you’ll find several excellent car camping options to suit your needs, outlined below:

  • Reuter Campground (24 sites): The Reuter Campground is located just north of Sundance, WY and is very convenient for visiting Devils Tower. There are 24 campsites here, which can be reserved via
  • Sundance Horse Campground (10 sites): The Sundance Horse camp is located north of Sundance and provides 10 campsites specifically designed to accommodate campers with horses.
  • Cook Lake Campground (32 sites): The Cook Lake Campground is located right in the middle of the Black Hills National Forest. Expect a further drive to get to Devils Tower from here, but you’ll enjoy lake access and a bit more seclusion.
  • Bearlodge Campground (8 sites): The Bear Lodge Campground is located in the northern section of Black Hills National Forest, just off Highway 24. You’ll be just a short drive from Devils Tower here, making this a great option for nearby car camping.
Camping in Black Hills National Forest
Black Hills National Forest offers plenty of camping near Devils Tower.


Screaming Eagle Campground

Number of sites: Plenty!
Fee: $29 – $46/night
Capacity: None stated.
RVs: Yes, electric hookups available.
Reservations: Recommended. Call 307-283-2270
Pets: Allowed
More Information

A great car camping option near Devils Tower National Monument is the Screaming Eagle Campground located in the town of Hulett, WY. Situated just nine miles north of Devils Tower, this is a great place to pitch your tent. The Screaming Eagle gets great reviews for its grassy pitches, shady trees, and very friendly owner.

You’re also walking distance to the town of Hulett here, making it easy to grab a bite to eat or pick up a few supplies.


Free dispersed camping near Devils Tower

Your final option for camping near Devils Tower National Monument is to find a free, dispersed campsite on adjacent US Forest Service land in the Black Hills National Forest. Located to the east of Devils Tower,  this land is overseen by the USFS which manages hundreds of thousands of acres of public land throughout the country and generally allows for free ‘dispersed camping’ on it.

Free dispersed camping near Devils Tower National Monument.


If you have any questions about the dispersed camping options outlined below be sure to reach out to the USFS offices that oversee the specific areas, shown below:

Black Hills National Forest Dispersed Camping

Free, dispersed camping is permitted in the Black Hills National Forest near Devils Tower. The best sites seems to be located in the northern section of the Black Hills, just off of State Highway 24. Here you’ll find some gravel and two-track roads that have plenty of pull outs perfect for dispersed camping.

It is also possible to find a free campsites north of the town of Sundance in the Black Hills, but these seem to get worse reviews compared to other options. Check out some of your best bets below:


Devils Tower National Monument Camping Must Know

Where to get supplies

There a few good options close to Devils Tower where you can stock up on food, gas, and any other camping supplies you might need. Check out your best options below:

  • Hulett: Hulett, WY is located approximately nine miles north of Devils Tower along State Highway 24. This small town has plenty of services that campers may want to take advantage of, including a small grocery store, gas station, and hardware store.
  • Sundance: Sundance, WY is the largest town near Devils Tower and your best bet to find any last minute camping supplies. Located 30 minutes south of Devils Tower you’ll find a full service grocery store, gas stations, and a popular outdoor store here.


Pets are permitted at Devils Tower National Monument, but are only allowed in specific areas of the monument. This includes the Belle Fourche River Campground, picnic areas, and in parking areas/along roadways.

Pets are not allowed on any hiking trails at Devils Tower or in any park service buildings.

We generally recommend against bringing you pet to Devils Tower, but if you do please follow these regulations:

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • Pets are not allowed in park buildings or on trails.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in your vehicle.
  • Always properly dispose of pet waste.

For a complete list of regulations related to pets check out the Devils Tower National Monument  website here.

Devils Tower from a nearby road


Have a great trip!

That’s it!

We hope you’ve found all of the information on Devils Tower National Monument camping in this post helpful and we know you’ll find the perfect campsite for your upcoming adventure! Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or had a great time out camping!

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