Great Glen Way Accommodation Guide

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The Great Glen Way is one of Scotland’s most cherished walks. Tracing a series of spectacular lochs and Caledonian Canal, this beautiful walk takes in stunning Highland scenery, quaint villages, and brings walkers to the famous city of Inverness. While walking the route you’ll have plenty of accommodation options to suit every budget and style.

This includes the quintessential Scottish B&Bs, hotels, campgrounds, bunkhouses, and everything in between!

To help you sort through all of your options we’ve created this Great Glen Way Accommodation Guide to help you pick the best option for your trip. We’ve organized the guide to include options at each of the common stopping points along the Great Glen Way to help you pick accommodation for any itinerary you choose.

Bridge in Inverness, Scotland

In This Great Glen Way Accommodation Guide

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Should I reserve my Great Glen Way accommodation in advance?

We highly recommend reserving as much of your Great Glen Way accommodation in advance as you can. While this may cut down a bit on your flexibility during the walk, it also ensures you’ll have a bed at the end of the day.

This area of Scotland is a quite popular holiday destination during the summer months, and there are many stops along the Great Glen Way that only have a few options to choose from. Although it is possible to walk the entire route without any advance reservations, we think having the peace of mind and assurance of a booking is well worth the trade-off.

As for timing, it is best to reserve your accommodation for the Great Glen Way as far in advance as you can. Generally speaking you’ll want to make a booking at least 4 – 5 months out for the more popular destinations on the route, especially Fort William and Inverness. Reservations for some of the less popular stops need not be made that far in advance, but a couple of months ahead is still recommended.

Scottish breakfast
A proper Scottish breakfast will be on the menu at many of the B&Bs along the Great Glen Way.

Great Glen Way Accommodation Cost

Great Glen Way accommodation cost is influenced by a number of factors. These include the time of year, day of the week, holidays, etc. You can expect to pay more for weekends during the summer and prices will be at their highest on summer holidays.

Additionally, the number of days you plan to walk the Great Glen Way in will also impact your accommodation budget for the walk. Most hikers will take between 5 – 8 days to walk the entire route. For more information on the walk, including an itinerary be sure check out this post.

Given all of these factors we think the range below provides a good, general estimate of what you can expect to spend for accommodation on the Great Glen Way:

  • B&B/Guesthouse/Hotel: £70+ (per person/per night)
  • Bunkhouse/Hostel: £40+ (per person/per night)
  • Camping: £10+ (per person/per night)

Note: For those looking for campsites along the Great Glen Way, but sure to check out our complete guide here.

In our accommodation directory, we’ve provided our recommendations for high-end, mid-range, and budget options at all of the common stopping points along the Great Glen Way. We’ve defined those categories as follows:

  • High-End: £80+ (per person/per night)
  • Mid-Range: £40-80 (per person/per night)
  • Budget:<£40 (per person/per night)

Note that not every stop along the walk will feature accommodation that fits neatly into each of the categories above. In those cases we’ve included multiple options in a specific price point based on what is available.

Great Glen Way Accommodation Directory

In the following section we’ve created a comprehensive guide to accommodation options at each of the stops along the Great Glen Way. Choosing your accommodation isn’t always an easy task, so we’ve distilled your options into an easy to read format with key details and recommendations for every budget.

The directory has been organized to follow the standard route along the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness. 

Read the directory in its entirety or jump to a specific stopping point from the list below:

Fort William Accommodation

High-End: Gowan Brae Bed and Breakfast

Gowan Brea B&B has it all: welcoming hosts, a central location, beautiful views, and plush rooms. Plus, the breakfast is divine. There isn’t a better place to stay before starting you walk.

Mid-Range: Myrtle Bank Guest House

Everything about this guest house is truly magical. Set inside an 1890’s Victorian on the banks of Loch Linnhe, there’s no shortage of great views and ambiance. The service is top-notch and the price is right.

Budget: Fort William Backpackers

This friendly hostel has good facilities and tons of quirky charm. It’s set in a cozy historic house, which means that some features are a bit dated (such as the very limited number of outlets in the rooms). The hostel has a lovely lounge and communal kitchen, a very affordable continental breakfast option, and linens are provided.

Gairlochy Accommodation

There aren’t a ton of hotels or guesthouses to choose from in Gairlochy, but there are several excellent holiday home rentals. These can be a great option for Great Glen Way walkers as you’ll have access to a kitchen and more space than a small hotel room!

Mid-Range: Dalcomera Holiday Home

Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, lovely garden, and great WiFi at this lovely holiday home. Located just a short distance off the Great Glen Way, this is one of our top picks for Gairlochy.

Mid-Range: Little Tigh Clovelly Holiday Home

Another excellent holiday home option in Gairlochy is the Little Tigh Clovelly house. Situated just up the main road from the Great Glen Way, this quaint home provides privacy in a quiet setting. Guests love the friendly owners and perfect location.

Budget: Dreamweavers B&B

A good budget option, one of the only B&Bs in the Gairlochy area is the Dreamweavers B&B. You’ll enjoy clean and comfortable rooms along with an excellent breakfast to set your day of right. They host tons of Great Glen Way walkers here so you’ll feel right at home!

Loch Lochy Accommodation

For those planning to continue on past Gairlochy on their first stage you’ll have several excellent accommodation options along the shores of Loch Lochy. You’ll enjoy peace, tranquility, and stunning views at each of the accommodation options below!

High-End: Invergloy Riverside Lodges

The beautifully design Invergloy Riverside Lodges are one of the most unique accommodation options on the Great Glen Way. Comfortable beds, helpful staff, and a great location earn these lodges high marks from guests. There is often a minimum stay requirement during the summer, but a few nights here is well worth it!

Mid-Range: Whispering Pine Lodge

A lovely and cozy small hotel on the shores of Loch Lochy, the Whispering Pine Lodge is a favorite among Great Glen Way walkers. The hospitality of the staff goes a long way to ensure that guests are comfortable and well taken care of. The deck overlooking the loch is simply stunning!

Mid-Range: Corriegour Lodge Hotel

A simple and well-appointed hotel further along the loch, the Corriegour Lodge Hotel makes a comfortable place to spend the night without breaking the bank. A private beach on Loch Lochy and incredible food are hallmarks of this wonderful hotel.

Laggan Accommodation

Mid-Range: Forest Lodge Guesthouse

The lovely Forest Lodge Guesthouse is ideally situated between Loch Lochy and Loch Oich along the Caledonian Canal. This is a great stopping point as you’ll have just completed the long walk along Loch Lochy. The owners are superbly friendly and the breakfast exceptions. Our top pick in Laggan.

Budget: Great Glen Hostel

For budget minded walkers or those who just appreciate a good hostel, look no further than the Great Glen Hostel when staying in Laggan. Enjoy access to a self-catering kitchen, plenty of common spaces, and even a small shop. There is also a lovely garden to sit in when the weather is good.

Invergarry Accommodation

High-End: Glengarry Castle Hotel

If there was ever a hotel to splurge on along the Great Glen Way, the Glengarry Castle Hotel is certainly it! This stately hotel sits adjacent to the Glengarry Castle ruins and features wonderfully appointed rooms and exquisite dining.

Mid-Range: Invergarry Hotel

The Invergarry Hotel is a wonderful place to spend the night along your walk. Located along the banks of the River Garry, here you’ll experience top notch hospitality along with beautiful grounds. The on-site restaurant has an excellent selection of local real ales perfect for the end of a long day’s walk!

Mid-Range: The North Lodge Holiday Home

For those interested in a holiday home in Invergarry, the North Lodge is your best bet. This quaint, two-bedroom home offers great value for the money in an excellent location. A full kitchen is perfect for cooking up a big post-walk meal and afterwards be sure to enjoy warm up around a roaring fire.

Invergarry, Scotland

Fort Augustus Accommodation

High-End: The Lovat, Loch Ness

Enjoy stunning views across Loch Ness from your room at the Lovat. Set in an old Victorian building, this family run hotel offers thoughtfully designed rooms and a great restaurant. The hotel is quiet and staff goes out of their way to ensure your comfort.

Mid-Range: Lorien House B&B

The Lorien House is a stylish B&B that is perfect for Great Glen Way walkers. As you’d expect the breakfast is excellent, the rooms clean and quiet, but what most guests rave about are the welcoming and friendly owners.

Budget: White House B&B

Comfortable beds and a good breakfast buffet are the hallmarks of the White House B&B in Fort Augustus. Combined with great free Wi-Fi and a helpful owner and you can’t go wrong for a solid budget option along the walk here.

Invermoriston Accommodation

Mid-Range: Craik Na Dav B&B

For an excellent B&B in Invermoriston look no further than the Craik Na Dav B&B. Extremely helpful hosts along with great breakfast and comfortable rooms make this a favorite for Great Glen Way walkers. The garden attracts a variety of beautiful wildlife as well!

Mid-Range: Glenmoriston Arms Hotel

A classic Highlands hotel, the Glenmoriston Arms will leave you feeling refreshed and like you got a true Scottish experience. Enjoy one of the hundreds of malt whiskeys available in the pub before retiring to your comfortable room.

Budget: Darroch View B&B

A great budget option, the Darroch View B&B is well located in the heart of Invermoriston. Although rooms are on the smaller side you’ll still enjoy a great breakfast and helpful hosts.

Alltsigh Accommodation

Budget: Lochside Hostel

Set in a secluded location on the shores of Loch Ness, the Lochside Hostel is a great option for budget conscious Great Glen Way walkers. While certainly not glamorous, you’ll find the hostel to be well-appointed with great common spaces, comfortable rooms, and you can’t beat the view!

Drumnadrochit Accommodation

High-End: The Loch Ness Inn

Clean, well-designed rooms and a highly-regarded restaurant make the Loch Ness Inn a top pick for hotel accommodation in Drumnadrochit. Cozier than your average hotel, there are also a wide variety of room types available making this a great option for groups walking the Great Glen Way.

Mid-Range: Woodlands Bed & Breakfast

The Woodlands B&B is one of the top bed and breakfasts in Drumnadrochit and our top pick for Great Glen Way walkers. A beautiful garden and immaculate rooms are just a few of the reasons this is a great option. Don’t forget the incredible breakfast either!

Budget: Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge

For a great budget option in the popular Loch Ness village of Drumnadrochit look no further than the Loch Ness Backpackers Lodge. The owner is incredibly friendly, the bar well-stocked, and the common spaces well cared for. There are a variety of room types to choose from as well. Highly recommended.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness (between Drumnadrochit and Inverness)

Mid-Range: Loch Ness Lodge

For those looking to split up the long stage between Drumnadrochit and Inverness look no further than the Loch Ness Lodge. Elegant rooms and and stunning views will have you wanting to stay a bit longer before heading to Inverness! The Loch Ness Lodge is truly a classic Highlands hotel that we can’t recommend highly enough.

Inverness Accommodation

High-End: Dionard Guest House

If you’re after one of the best breakfasts in Inverness, the Dionard Guest House might just be the perfect place for you. A warm and thoughtfully cared for guest house, you’ll feel right at home here. The lovely owners are happy to make recommendations for anything you may want to do in Inverness.

Mid-Range: Bluebell House

The Bluebell House is located in a charming old building close to all the main attractions in Inverness. Clean rooms and the friendly owner, Kenny, make this a place you’ll certainly remember. Highly recommended!

Budget: Acer Glen B&B

For a great location without breaking the bank, the Acer Glen B&B in Inverness provides a great option. Guests love the comfortable rooms, great hosts, and excellent breakfast. What else could you want?

View of Inverness, Scotland

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