How to Find All of your Campgrounds on the West Highland Way

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If you’re using our Guide to Camping on the West Highland Way in conjunction with our guide on how to navigate on the West Highland Way you’re well on your way to a fantastic WHW adventure!

You’ll have your itinerary mapped out, with knowledge of where you’ll stop each day and you’ll be expertly using your smartphone’s GPS to stay on track.

However, how will you know just how far you are from your next stop? Many of the campgrounds aren’t well marked on the GPS base maps and you’ll certainly want to know how much longer you have until you can drop your pack.

As a resource for our West Highland Way series we thought it would be useful to provide downloadable GPS waypoints for all of the campgrounds included in our guide that work seamlessly with the Gaia GPS app!

Keep reading to learn how to download this data and use it with our guide to navigating on the West Highland Way.

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Step One – Download the location data

For those who have purchased our Guide to Camping on the West Highland Way, you’ll get access to three unique WHW camping itineraries.

You’ll also get 70+ pages of useful information for planning your WHW adventure! Check it out below:

Step One – Download your custom GPS file

The GPS files can be accessed via the planning portal by visiting and logging in. You’ll then find the GPS files in the ‘West Highland Way GPS Files’ section. We recommend doing this on your phone to simplify the process. Download the specific itinerary .gpx file that you would like to use. After completing the download you’ll be prompted to open the file in Gaia GPS, which you should do.

Gaia GPS will then import the data and you should see the West Highland Way route and waypoints for your specific itinerary displayed on the map.

The West Highland Way route displayed in Gaia GPS

Step Two – Choose Your Map Source

Next, you’ll want to select your base map. This will be the background map that you will eventually download and use to navigate while hiking, even without cell phone service.

There are tons of background maps available for download, but we highly recommend the “Outdoor” layer for those hiking the West Highland Way.

To choose this map source, simply select the layers icon in the top right corner and then select ‘Outdoors’

Step 3 – Download Your Background Map

Once you have selected the “Outdoor” base map, you’ll need to download the entire area of the West Highland Way. Remember, without downloading this data you’ll have no way to know your exact location on the trail when you don’t have cell phone service. To download the map background data, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the area of the West Highland Way in Gaia GPS
  2. Select the ‘Create’ button (circle with a plus sign in the upper right hand corner)
  3. Select ‘Download Map’
  4. Draw a rectangle with your finger that encompasses the entire West Highland Way
  5. Set the ‘Max Zoom’ to 17
  6. Name your map ‘West Highland Way’ and select ‘Save’
  7. Allow it to download and you’re done! (you’ll want to be connected to wifi for this)

That’s it! Now you’re all set to navigate on the West Highland Way like a pro with an offline GPS map in Gaia GPS. You can now zoom in on specific sections, view trail segments, and see all of the campgrounds along the route!

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What’s Next?

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