How to find all of your huts on the Milford Track

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If you’ve decided to use our Guide to the Milford Track in conjunction with our guide on how to navigate on the Milford Track we thought it would be useful to provide location data for the three huts along the track. While the Milford Track is very well marked, it can be very helpful to see exactly how far you are from your destination. This post will show you how to download GPS locations for the huts to be used with the Backcountry Navigator app (or any other GPS app)!

If you’ve already downloaded the Backcountry Navigator app to help you find your way on the Milford Track, the steps below should be fairly intuitive. If not, be sure to check out the links above to get started with this awesome app.

Step One – Download the location data

We’ve already created the FREE GPS file for your use. To download the location data for all of the campgrounds included in our guide, simply click on the Dropbox link below:

You’ll be directed to a file and you’ll select ‘Download.’

***Note: This is much easier if you download the file directly to your phone. This will save you the step of having to email yourself the file in order to have it saved on your phone.***

Step Two – Import the data into Backcountry Navigator

This step is fairly straightforward, especially if you’ve already saved the file on your phone. If you haven’t, you’ll want to email it to yourself or use another method to transfer the file to your phone. Be sure to note the folder where you’ve saved the file, most likely the ‘Download’ folder.

In order to import the location data into Backcountry Navigator you’ll open the app and select the ‘Trip Data’ menu (this is the folder icon).

TMB Navigation Guide
1. Select ‘Trip Data’

Next you’ll select ‘Import Tracks or Waypoints.’ From here you’ll select the folder labeled UP and then navigate to your Download folder (or whichever folder you saved the file to)

2. Select ‘Import Tracks or Waypoints’
3. Navigate to and select your ‘Download’ folder

Once you’ve selected the ‘Download’ folder, you should see the file ‘Milford Track huts.kmz’. You’ll select this file and then select ‘Start Import’.

4. Select the ‘Milford Track huts.kmz’ file and then select ‘Start Import’

Give your phone a few moments to complete the import and voila! You should now have all of the huts on the Milford Track saved on your phone!

Navigation made easy!

Now when you’re out on the trail you’ll easily be able to see exactly how far you have to go until your next stop, and easily be able to find your hut at the end of the day.

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you were able to download the data and if you found it useful on your trip!

Looking for a simpler way to access maps and trail information on your device?

If downloading GPS/GPX data to your phone using the process described above just feels too complicated, there’s another option! If you’re looking for a simpler way to utilize offline GPS/GPX data, the Hiiker App does all of the work for you. The app allows you to download maps and trail information to your phone so that you can use it without the need for a cell signal or data.


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