Laugavegur Huts & Accommodation Guide

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There are so many reasons to love Iceland’s acclaimed Laugavegur Trail. Not only is the scenery stunning and the trail approachable, it also boasts a fantastic hut system running its entire length. Campers can pitch a tent outside all of the huts, while those seeking warmth and a soft mattress can sleep indoors.

Given that the huts are the only accommodation option along the Laugavegur, you might be thinking that no advance planning is needed. However, there’s a lot of important information you need to know about your accommodation before you head to Iceland, such as how to reserve your beds, what the facilities are like, and which huts to stay in (and which avoid).

This guide covers all that and more, so you can start your trek prepared and confident! We’ve also included an accommodation directory with recommendations for where to stay before and after your trek.

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A river with mountains in the background on the first stage of the Laugavegur Trail.
The Laugavegur Trail boasts magnificent scenery every step of the way.

Types of Laugavegur Accommodation

The only accommodation options along the Laugavegur Trail are mountain huts and camping.  You’ll also have the option of staying in hostels or hotels before or after your trek. We’ve provided an overview of each option below.

Mountain Huts

There are three different organizations that operate huts along the Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls Trails. We’ve provided a brief overview of each below:

Ferðafélag Íslands (FI) Huts

FI, the Icelandic Touring Association, operates nearly all of the huts along the Laugavegur Trail.  The huts are well-maintained and staffed by a warden. All of the huts provide basic dormitory-style sleeping quarters, communal kitchens, and bathrooms or outhouses. All huts except for Hrafntinnusker and Baldvinsskáli provide showers for an extra fee.  The FI-run huts along the Laugavegur Route are:

Volcano Huts (Þórsmörk)

Þórsmörk is the southern endpoint of the Laugavegur Trail and offers several options for hut accommodation. In addition to the FI-run hut, Volcano Huts offers more upscale options for those seeking a bit of luxury at the end of their trek. There are cottages, private rooms, and dormitories available, and there is a bar/restaurant onsite.

Útivist Huts (Þórsmörk/Básar)

While the Útivist-run Básar Hut is not directly on the Laugavegur Trail, it is a convenient option for some hikers nonetheless. Those tacking on  the Fimmvörðuháls Trail can get a bit of a head start by continuing to Básar instead of stopping at Þórsmörk. Additionally, if accommodation at Þórsmörk is sold out, the Básar Hut is a good backup.

Thorsmork Hut Laugavegur Trail
The huts along the Laugavegur vary in size, but all provide comfortable and rustic accommodations.


Camping is permitted at all of the huts along the Laugavegur Trail and typically costs ISK 2,500 per person.  Campers have access to drinking water and toilets, but are not allowed to enter the huts or use the cooking facilities.

This post provides in-depth information about camping on the Laugavegur Trail.

Hotels & Hostels

There are no hotels or hostels located directly on the Laugavegur Trail. However, those completing the Fimmvörðuháls Trail will have access both hotel and hostel accommodations upon finishing in Skogar. Additionally, there are many excellent hotels and hostels in Reykjavik that are perfect for before and after your trek. Check out the accommodation directory for our top picks.

Laugavegur Trail Camping
Camping along the Laugavegur is a flexible and budget-friendly option.

Hut Reservations

It is essential that you book your Laugavegur Huts ahead of your trek.

Due to the popularity of the Laugavegur Trail and the limited number of beds, huts typically sell out every night of the peak season. It’s ideal if you can make your reservations in the fall prior to your trek, but even a few months in advance will help.

If you do not book ahead of time, you can try your luck out on the trail. Try to arrive at the huts early in the day for the best chance of finding an available bed. While there are occasionally cancellations that make this strategy possible, we would strongly consider bringing a tent as you will be turned away if there are no beds available.

FI Hut Reservations

Click here to reserve all FI huts.

You’ll be asked to submit an inquiry form. Be sure to include the huts you wish to stay at, your hiking dates, and the number of people in your group. It is necessary to pay for your huts online in advance.

Once you’ve booked and paid for your huts, you will receive a confirmation voucher via email. Be sure to print these vouchers and bring them with you on your trek. Refunds are issued based on how close your cancellation is to your travel date. Details on refunds can be found here.

Other Huts

Note: Advance reservations are not needed for camping. Campers should check in and pay with the warden prior to pitching their tents. Cash (ISK) and credit cards are accepted.

An overhead view of the Landmannalaugar Hut
A busy summer day at the Landmannalaugar Hut.

Laugavegur Accommodation Cost

Generally speaking, Iceland is an expensive destination. Fortunately, camping or sleeping in huts is a great way to keep your costs relatively low. Here’s what you can expect to pay for accommodation before, during, and after your Laugavegur Trek:

  • Average Hut Price: 13000 ISK (per person)
  • Average Camping Price: 2,300 ISK (per person)
  • Shower at huts: 900 ISK (5 minutes)
  • Hostel in Skogar: 9,500 ISK (per person for dorm bed)
  • Average mid-range hotel in Reykjavik: 26,000 ISK

Cash (ISK) and major credit cards are accepted widely, including at the huts.

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Laugavegur Trail Huts: What You Need to Know


The huts along the Laugavegur Trail are set in stunning and remote locations. It is an unforgettable experience to spend a night in one of these cozy outposts. Due to their off-the-grid nature, accommodations are quite basic. Expect communal sleeping arrangements either in bunk beds or mattresses placed close together on the floor.

Guests may be required to share a double mattress in some situations. There is no electricity in any of the huts, but they are heated by gas or geothermal. Gas heaters are turned off each night, so some huts can get a bit chilly at times.

Every hut has a communal kitchen with cookware and a gas stove. There is also a sink with running water for drinking and washing up. Flush toilets with toilet paper and hand soap are available at most of the huts (a few only have latrines). Toilets are typically in a separate building from the main hut. Warm showers (900 ISK/5 min) are also available at most huts.

There is no WIFI available at any of the Laugavegur huts, and cell phone service is very unreliable along the route.

The entryway at a hut along the Laugavegur Trail
You’ll need to remove your hiking boots before entering the huts.

Food & Drink

Meals are not served at any of the huts along the Laugavegur, although can purchase a small selection of snacks and drinks. There is a restaurant at Álftavatn that serves snacks, drinks, lunch, and dinner from 11:30-23:00 each day. Meals can be booked in advance and vegetarian/vegan options are available. Expect very high prices for all of the food and drinks you purchase on your trek.

With the exception of the options described above, you’ll need to pack all of the food you’ll need on your trek. Many hikers bring snacks and freeze-dried meals from home, but you can also find a decent selection of hiking foods in the grocery stores in Reykjavik. If you are staying in the huts, stoves and cooking equipment will be provided for your use.

Water is widely available along the Laugavegur Trail. You can find drinking water at all of the huts on the route.

Alftavatn Restaurant
The restaurant at Alftavatn.

What to Pack

You are required to bring your own sleeping bag for all of the Laugavegur huts. If you plan on sleeping indoors, you do not need a super warm bag, as the huts do not get very cold. Campers, on the other hand, should plan to bring a sleeping bag rated for 0 ° celsius or lower.

Bring your own pillow and towel if you want either of these items, as the huts do not provide them.

There are nearly 24 hours of daylight in Iceland during the summer months. Many people appreciate having a sleeping mask for this reason. Additionally, those sleeping in the tightly packed dormitories might also find that earplugs can come in handy.

You cannot charge devices at any of the FI huts along the Laugavegur Trail, so it’s a good idea to bring a power bank if you will need to charge a phone, watch, or camera.

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Want more packing tips? Check out our complete Laugavegur Packing List

Hiker with backpack on the Laugavegur Trail.
The size of your pack will depend on many factors, including your accommodation and food preferences.

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Laugavegur Trail Accommodation Directory

This directory follows the typical north to south hiking direction, and includes all of the accommodation available along the route. We’ve also included recommendations in Reykjavik and Skogar for before and after your trek.

For more information on itineraries and routes, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to the Laugavegur Trail, which includes four different itinerary options and lots of other helpful tips.

Included in this directory:


High-End: Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

For those looking for a more traditional hotel, we highly recommend the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica. Located on the edge of central Reykjavik, the hotel offers nice rooms and a fantastic breakfast. It is just a short walk from the campsite where you can catch the bus to Landmannalaugar.

Mid-Range: Dalur- HI Hostel

The most convenient hostel for those planning to walk the Laugavegur, the Dalur HI Hostel is located adjacent to the campsite as well as the bus pick up for Landmannalaugar. It’s a bit far from the city center, but the public bus makes getting around Reykjavik easy from the hostel. The large kitchen and laundry facilities are convenient features for before and after your trek.

Budget: Reykjavik Campsite 

The most economical option in town is to simply camp at the lovely Reykjavik Campsite. Located approximately 20-30 minutes to central Reykjavik by walking (and even less on the convenient public bus), the campground provides great facilities at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. The large indoor lounge space is a great place to escape Iceland’s temperamental weather.  As a bonus, the bus to Landmannalaugar picks up directly from the campsite.

Want more options? Use the map below to check out all accommodation in Reykjavik.


Number of beds: 82
Price per person: 13000 ISK
More information

Nearly all Laugavegur hikers will spend a night at Landmannalaugar at the beginning or end of their trek. The hut is spacious and comfortable, with four sleeping rooms situated on two floors. The kitchen features multiple gas stoves and hot and cold running water. There is a bathroom building with flush toilets and hot showers. The hut sells snacks, drinks, and some hiking essentials.

The “Mountain Mall” is also located at Landmannalaugar. This eccentric shop is housed within a ring of retro school buses. They sell snacks, hiker meals, warm drinks, beer/wine, and hiking necessities. They also have some nice indoor and outdoor seating areas.

The beautiful nearby hot springs should not be missed. A soak in these scenic pools is the perfect start or end to your Laugavegur adventure.

The Mountain Mall at Landmannalaugar.


Number of beds: 52
Price: 13000 ISK
More information

The Hrafntinnusker Hut is located in one of the highest and most rugged areas along the Laugavegur Trail. This is the first stop for some hikers, while many others choose to continue onward, depending on their itinerary and pace. Due to its remote setting, the facilities are quite basic, but certainly cozy. The sleeping loft has mattresses set on the floor and can feel a bit cramped.

There is also a dormitory with double and single bunk beds. The kitchen has cookware, stoves, and cold, running water. There are outdoor latrines, but no showers. As long as you’re not expecting luxury, this is a great place to appreciate Iceland’s rugged heartland.

Hrafntinnusker Hut Laugavegur Trail
The Hrafntinnusker Hut.


Number of beds: 72
Price: 13000 ISK
More information

Many hikers will stop at Álftavatn either on their first or second night on the trail. The area houses two large huts, a spacious campground, and a restaurant, all along the dramatic shoreline of Lake Álftavatn. The sleeping quarters are divided between the two huts. The larger hut sleeps 38 people across six bedrooms, while the smaller building houses 36 people in a large dorm room.

Both huts have fully equipped kitchens with running water. There is a bathhouse with showers and flush toilets, as well as a latrine near the camping area. The nice facilities, beautiful surroundings, and restaurant/bar make Álftavatn a highlight for many Laugavegur hikers.

Alftavatn Hut Laugavegur Trail
The Alftavatn Hut.


Number of beds: 60
Price: 13000 ISK
More information

Located just 3.8km past Álftavatn, Hvanngil is a good alternative stop for this stage of the trek as well as a good option for those hiking shorter distances each day. The accommodations at Hvanngil are certainly more rustic than those at Álftavatn, but it is a scenic and cozy option nonetheless. The main hut consists of a small kitchen, two dormitories, and a tightly packed sleeping loft.

If more beds are needed, there is a stable nearby with a sleeping loft and kitchen. There is a small bathroom building with flush toilets and showers next to the hut, and additional toilets near the stables.

Hvanngil Hut Laugavegur Trail
The Hvanngil Hut.


Number of beds: 60
Price: 13000 ISK
More information

The Emstrur Huts are set in a high valley with sweeping views in all directions. The accommodations are spread across three buildings, each with a fully equipped kitchen and a bunk room that sleeps 20 people in 10 double bunks. There is a bathroom building next near the huts with flush toilets and showers. The spacious patio areas are perfect for relaxing after a long day on your feet.

The camping area is located below the huts, down a very long and steep staircase. The camping area is set next to a peaceful stream and is quite pretty- it’s worth checking out even if you’re staying in the huts.

Emstrur Hut Laugavegur Trail
The Emstrur Huts.


There are three accommodation options in the Þórsmörk area, each with slightly different offerings to suit a variety of preferences. We’ve provided details for each option so that you can choose the right accommodation for your needs.

Þórsmörk/Langidalur (FI)

Number of beds: 75
Price: 13000 ISK
More information

Those wishing to stick with FI-operated huts can celebrate their final night on the Laugavegur Trail at the Þórsmörk/Langidalur Hut. In addition to the consistent quality that can be expected from FI, this hut has a lot of great amenities. The spacious main floor has two fully stocked kitchens, a large dining area, and two bunk rooms. Upstairs, there are three more bunk rooms.

A bathhouse and small shop are conveniently located nearby. There are many lovely outdoor spaces, including a large patio and a separate covered grilling area with picnic tables and nice views. This hut is in the center of the Þórsmörk area, meaning it provides easy connections to the Fimmvörðuháls Trail, as well as transport back to Reykjavik.

Volcano Huts Þórsmörk

Number of beds: Varies
Price: 8,400-29,000 ISK
More information

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury at the beginning or end of your Laugavegur trek, Volcano Huts is your best option. In addition to standard dorm beds, hikers can also choose from glamping tents, cabins, and cottages. All guests have access to showers, a sauna, and a sitting pool. There is also a restaurant/bar on site that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While you’ll need to take a short detour from the main trail to reach the Volcano Huts, those leaving the trail can access transport right outside their accommodation.

Camping is also possible here.

Básar Hut

Number of beds: 75
Price: 10500 ISK
More information

This hut, located a few kilometers past Þórsmörk, is a good option for hikers continuing onwards to complete the Fimmvörðuháls Trail. The large facilities include dormitories, a kitchen with gas stove and cookware, showers, and toilets. The toilets are in the same building as the dormitories, which may come as a welcome luxury for hikers weary of venturing out into the elements when duty calls. There is also a big, comfortable campground adjacent to the hut. Cell phone charging is available for an additional fee.

Thorsmork FI Hut Laugavegur Trail
The FI Hut at Thórsmörk.

Baldvinsskáli Hut (Fimmvörðuháls Trail)

Number of beds: 16
Price: 12500 ISK
More information

Those looking to tackle the Fimmvörðuháls Trail over two days of hiking will need to spend a night at the Baldvinsskáli Hut. This is a very small and rustic accommodation, located at roughly the halfway point (and near the highest point) of the trail. The hut consists of a cozy kitchen and dining area on the main level, with a dormitory upstairs.

There is an outhouse behind the main hut building. Be advised that there is no running water at this location, so hikers should bring enough to cover all of their needs until reaching a resupply point further down the trail the next day.

Camping is now permitted at the Baldvinsskali Hut, but isn’t recommended due to the often harsh weather conditions.

Fimmvorduhals Baldvinsskali Hut
The Baldvinsskali Hut.


Upon reaching Skogar, hikers will have a number of accommodation options, ranging from basic camping to luxury hotel rooms. We’ve provided details on all of the options below.

High-End: Hótel Skógafoss

Whether you’ve just finished your trek or are getting ready to begin, you’ll surely benefit from a bit of pampering at the Hótel Skógafoss. This B&B style hotel offers a variety of room types, including doubles, family rooms, and apartments. All rooms feature cable TV and WIFI. The hotel has a restaurant/bar on site.

Budget: Skogar Campground

This large, grassy campground enjoys close-up views of the impressive Skógafoss waterfall. Campers have access to indoor toilets, hot and cold water (safe for drinking), sinks for washing up, and warm showers. The campground warden will typically allow you to charge electronics for free if you ask. There are restaurants, a small shop, and a bus stop within a few minutes’ walk of the campground.

Camping with views of the waterfall at Skogar.
Camping with views at Skogar.

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