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Whether you prefer mountain huts or tents, fastpacking or meandering, luxury, dirtbag or something in between, we’ve got you covered. We’ve channeled our experience, research, and passion into effective and trail-tested resources to help all TMB hikers.  Even if you’re planning to trek without the support of a tour company, you’ll benefit from a little help working out some of the tricky logistics that go into preparing for the trip of a lifetime.

What we offer:

Traditional Guide to the Tour du Mont BlancGuide to Camping on the Tour du Mont BlancCustom Itinerary ServiceComprehensive Planning Guide
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Limitless possibilitiesChoose from 12 unique itineraries

Tour du Mont Blanc Guides

Our downloadable guides provide all of the in-depth information and insider tips to help you plan your perfect TMB adventure. Choose from the Traditional Guide which is great for all TMB hikers, or one of our camping-specific guides.

Traditional Guide

Our 50+ page downloadable guide has everything you need to know to plan your Tour du Mont Blanc adventure. From three unique itineraries with custom GPS data to a full training plan, our guide is the quintessential handbook for trekking this incredible trail. Each section provides in-depth information and resources, including:

  • Stage-by-stage itineraries
  • Detailed maps for every stop
  • Complete 9-day, 11-day, and 12-day TMB itineraries
  • Custom GPS data for the entire route & all three itineraries
  • Offline map access for the entire route
  • Lodging recommendations
  • Getting to/from the TMB
  • The ultimate packing list
  • A 15-week training plan


Camping Guide

Our downloadable Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Guide will give you all the information you need to plan your own TMB camping adventure. Camping along the Tour du Mont Blanc is an amazing experience, but it’s not as straightforward as simply pitching your tent at the end of each stage. Our guide eliminates the guesswork about campground locations and available services, making it easy to plan your perfect trip. 

“This guide was a must-have for us! The tips on how to use our phone as a GPS via the Gaia app while without signal saved us hours of backtracking when we lost the trail…I was so impressed! Additionally, the details about where each campsite was what types of things we could find there was invaluable. I HIGHLY recommend this package!” -Julia, USA


Premium Camping Guide

Our 50+ page guide has everything you need to know to camp on the Tour du Mont Blanc. From campground locations to detailed maps, our guide is the quintessential handbook for TMB campers. Each section provides in-depth information and resources, including:

  • Stage-by-stage camping guide
  • Detailed maps for every stop
  • Custom GPS stops
  • Choose from 9-day, 11-day, or 12-day itinerary options
  • Lodging recommendations
  • Getting to/from the TMB
  • The ultimate camping packing list


Customized Itineraries

Creating your itinerary is arguably the most important part of planning a successful TMB trek. You need to consider the length of your trip, desired accommodation type, hiking abilities and preferences, budget, and so much more. It can be extremely difficult to find good information out there, especially if you have particular wants or needs for your unique trip. That’s where we can help. We’ll work with you one-on-one to design an itinerary that will meet all of your specific criteria so you can have the best trip ever.


In addition to creating an individualized itinerary, we’ll give you custom GPS data and teach you how to navigate to your specific stopping points along the trail. We’ll also give you a printable packing list and lend one-on-one support for any questions that come up along the way.

Comprehensive Planning Tool

Think of this as an interactive guidebook…but even better. The Comprehensive Planning Tool will walk you through every step of the planning process to ensure you get to your TMB trek with minimum stress and maximum confidence. Some highlights of the Planning Tool’s eleven in-depth modules include:

  • Insider advice on how and when to book accommodation
  • 12 unique and detailed itineraries for both clockwise and counterclockwise hikers
  • Custom GPS data for every itinerary + a tutorial on how to navigate using smartphone GPS
  • Easy-to-follow 15-week training plan
  • In-depth packing list and gear tips
  • Interactive budgeting tool
  • And tons more valuable information to save you time and money


Our Story

​Hi! We’re Emily and Ian, a married couple based in Boulder, CO. We share a passion for the outdoors, touring the globe, and travel planning. So when we discovered the Tour du Mont Blanc, it was like the universe had conspired to combine all of our favorite things. We first hiked the TMB in the summer of 2017 and completely fell in love with the mountains, cultures, and the travel experience that can be had with just our feet and our backpacks.

However, in preparing for the trip, we quickly learned that there is a lack of clear, reliable, easy-to-access information out there. We put a LOT of work into planning our own trip, and we wanted to share it with our fellow hikers. Thus, TMBtent.com was born and we haven’t looked back. As we’ve grown the site, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with numerous locals and hikers in order to continually grow our knowledge base.

Nowadays, we are one of the top-ranked TMB resources on the web, and we’re constantly adding and updating our content. In summary, we are just a couple of travel planning enthusiasts who want to help others experience how awesome the TMB can be. We would love to be part of your journey!