Walker’s Haute Route | Custom Itinerary Service


A thoughtful itinerary is key to a relaxing and successful Haute Route trek.

You’ll need to consider the length of your trip, desired accommodation type, hiking ability, budget, and so much more. It can be extremely difficult to find reliable information, especially if you have particular wants or needs for your unique trip. That’s where we can help.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to design an itinerary that will meet all of your specific criteria so you can have the best trip ever.

How It Works

Tell us more about your trip.

We’ll get in touch with you within a day or two of your purchase. We’ll ask you about your itinerary criteria and learn about your Haute Route hiking goals. We can customize itineraries around criteria such as direction, start/end points, trip length, desired daily distance and elevation gain, accommodation type, and much more.

We’ll send you a personalized plan.

Your custom document will include your detailed custom itinerary, GPS waypoints tailored to your itinerary, instructions for how to the GPS data on your phone, and a printable packing list.

We’ll stay in touch.

We’re happy to provide edits and changes to your trip plan. We’ll continue to be here for support throughout your planning process.

We’ve found that it is better for hikers to work directly with accommodation and transfer services. Therefore, while we will provide support and recommendations, we will not make any bookings on your behalf.

What other hikers are saying…

The ebook was really insightful and helpful on the trail. The GPS file was a great addition, especially on the crossroads.

-James, UK

I loved how many details it had about the trail elevation profile and what to expect. I liked how it broke down the trail in sections.

-Maura, USA

Great resources to help me plan my trip. Far more detailed than what I have found elsewhere

-Julie, USA

The route and description was well detailed, easy to follow and accurate.

-Daniel, Canada

Meet Your Virtual Hiking Guides

As passionate hikers and travelers, we’ve made it our goal to empower fellow trekkers with all of the information they need to have their best hiking experience.

We scour the guidebooks, connect with accommodation
providers, and compile tips from other hikers in order to give you the most current, straightforward, and accessible information possible.

Happy trails!