Wicklow Way Accommodation Guide

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The Wicklow Way is Ireland’s quintessential long-distance walk. Beginning on the outskirts of Dublin and making its way through the famous Wicklow Mountains, the route is truly spectacular. You’ll pass through beautiful villages, take in stunning vistas, and enjoy excellent food and drink. All the while staying at some fabulous accommodation.

Wicklow Way accommodation options include small B&Bs, boutique hotels, small farms, and even a great hostel or two. Best of all, there are plenty of options for every budget.

To help you sort through all of your choices we’ve created this Wicklow Way Accommodation Guide. The guide is organized to include a variety of options at each of the traditional stopping points along the Wicklow Way and will help you select the best accommodation for your specific trip.

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In This Wicklow Way Accommodation Guide


Should I reserve my Wicklow Way accommodation in advance?

The simplest answer to this question is yes, you should reserve your Wicklow Way accommodation in advance. This is the most popular long-distance walk in Ireland, and while there is ample accommodation, it does tend to be fully booked during peak months.

Practically, this means that for a Wicklow Way walk between May – September you should book as much accommodation in advance as possible.

In terms of how far in advance to book, we generally recommend reserving your accommodation between 3 – 6 months in advance for walks during the summer season. For those walking outside of the peak time, you can get away with only 1 – 2 months in advance, and even have the possibility of finding a room without a reservation.


Pint of Guinness
Be sure to enjoy a pint of Guinness at your accommodation after a long day’s walk on the Wicklow Way.


Wicklow Way Accommodation Cost

The Wicklow Way features accommodation options to suit nearly any budget along the walk. There are hostels and bunkhouses for those pinching pennies, small B&Bs for those on a modest budget, and boutique hotels for those looking to splurge a bit. Although not every stop along the way will have an option for every budget, you’ll still be able to find something reasonable to suit your needs.

Prices can vary greatly from place to place, and expect accommodation costs to increase during summer months when the area is filled with visitors. Generally speaking, here’s what you can expect to pay for accommodation along the Wicklow Way:

  • Hotel: €75+ (per person/per night)
  • B&B/Guesthouse: €50 (per person/per night)
  • Bunkhouse/Hostel: €20 – €40 (per person/per night)

In the accommodation directory below we’ve provided our recommendations for high-end, mid-range, and budget options at all of the common stopping points along the Wicklow Way. We’ve defined those categories as follows:

  • High-End: €75+ (per person/per night)
  • Mid-Range: €50-75 (per person/per night)
  • Budget: <€50 (per person/per night)

Note that not every stop included in this guide will have an option at each budget level. You should also be prepared for the fact that many of the lodging options are not directly on the Wicklow Way. Be prepared for a short walk off the route, or inquire about a pick-up from the walk when booking.


Wicklow Way Accommodation Directory & Map

Use the directory below to help find your perfect accommodation on the Wicklow Way. In the guide you’ll find key details and descriptions for our top choices as well as links to book your stay.

We’ve organized our list to follow the traditional north to south direction on the Wicklow Way. You can also view all of the accommodation providers in this directory on the map below. Enjoy!


Dublin/Marlay Park

High-End: The Devlin Dublin

Located in the southern section of Dublin, The Devlin is a convenient option for those looking for a well appointed hotel before walking the Wicklow Way. The rooms are both functional and stylish and the on-site restaurant gets great reviews. However, it is the friendly staff that makes all the difference here.

Mid-Range: St. Aiden’s Guesthouse

Situated in the village of Rathgar, approximately halfway between Marlay Park and central Dublin, St. Aiden’s Guesthouse is a great mid-range option. This family run establishment is set in a lovely building with cozy and clean rooms. The hosts are very welcoming and always happy to assist.

Budget: Moxy Dublin City

For those looking for a budget hotel with a little bit of flair, look no further than the Moxy Dublin City. This hip hotel is centrally located and has a stylish lounge to hang out in while you plan out any last minute details. The rooms are stylish and all guest receive a welcome cocktail upon arrival.

River Liffey flows through Dublin



High-End: Powerscourt Hotel

Just a short ways from the Wicklow Way, the Powerscourt Hotel provides stunning accommodation adjacent to the famous Powerscourt House & Gardens. This luxury hotel features elegant rooms and stately grounds that are sure to impress. The perfect option for those looking for a bit of luxury on their walk.

Mid-Range: The Enniskerry Inn

The Enniskerry Inn is an excellent mid-range hotel that happily serves Wicklow Way walkers. Just a short distance from the trail, the rooms here are basic, comfortable, and very clean. There is also an on-site restaurant for you to enjoy after a long days walk.

Budget: Knockree Hostel

The most convenient and budget friendly option for this stage is to stay at the Knockree Hostel, located immediately adjacent to the Wicklow Way. There are both private as well as dormitory rooms available, as well as great common facilities for your use.


Oldbridge (including Roundwood)

Mid-Range: Wicklow Way Lodge

The Wicklow Way Lodge is likely to be your best bet for accommodation in Oldbridge. Located directly on the trail, this B&B has incredible views of the Wicklow Mountains. Guests love the beautiful breakfast, quiet atmosphere, and perfect location. Highly recommended!

Mid-Range: The Coach House (Roundwood)

The Coach House is a well-run B&B in the village of Roundwood, just a short distance off the Wicklow Way. Depending on the weather you can enjoy the cozy on-site pub or sit out at the lovely terrace. The Coach House provides a good value for the money.

Budget: Lus Mór Hostel/B&B

For those not planning on walking all the way to Oldbridge on this stage, the Lus Mor Hostel and B&B makes for a great stopping point. Just a stone’s throw from the Wicklow Way, Lus Mor features a variety of room types to suit all preferences. The great breakfast here is the perfect way to start a big day of walking.



Mid-Range: The Glendalough Hotel

The best located option for walkers in Glendalough is the Glendalough Hotel. Here you’ll find a classic hotel featuring clean rooms, very friendly staff, and an excellent pub. Although the rooms are a bit dated, this is still a great mid-range option in Glendalough.

Mid-Range: Lynhams Hotel

Located just up the road from the Wicklow Way in Laragh, Lynhams Hotel is a well-regarded option. The hospitality of the staff really shines here as does the quiet location set right on the beautiful river. Clean rooms, a good restaurant, and a great atmosphere are the icing on the cake here.



Glenmalure features several excellent accommodation options just off the Wicklow Way. Here are your best bets:

Mid-Range: Glenmalure Lodge

The Glenmalure Lodge offers classic pub accommodation right on the Wicklow Way in Glenmalure. The warm atmosphere and lovely grounds are popular among guests, and you can’t beat the comfortable rooms. The staff are friendly and welcoming, perfect for the weary Wicklow Way walker.

Mid-Range: Coolalingo B&B

The Coolalingo B&B is a cozy and warm bed and breakfast that will make you feel right at home. Set in a perfect location for Wicklow Way walkers, the friendly owner goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort. The Irish breakfast gets rave reviews as well.



Moyne has only a handful of accommodation options for Wicklow Way walkers, so be sure to reserve in advance!

Mid-Range: Kyle Farmhouse

The Kyle Farmhouse is the most convenient option near Moyne, with the Wicklow Way actually passing through the property’s farm. This is a great opportunity to connect with the local culture and meet some of the amazing people who live in this area. The Farmhouse is a working dairy farm and you can expect to be treated to comfortable rooms and amazing food.

Mid-Range: Rath Bán Farm Cottage (Hacketstown)

The Rath Ban Farm Cottage is a self-contained farm house that can be reserved for Wicklow Way walkers. Located a bit further from the trail, this is an excellent option for those looking for a bit more privacy. A warm fireplace, cozy rooms, and friendly hosts make this a great option.



Mid-Range: Madeline’s B&B

Tinahely has just one lodging option for Wicklow Way walkers and fortunately it is the lovely Madeline’s B&B. All the rooms here are en suite and there is a lovely breakfast available in the morning.


Shillelagh/Boley Bridge

Boley Bridge is a common stopping point on the Wicklow Way, and nearby Shillelagh provides several great accommodation options.

Mid-Range: The Olde Shillelagh

The Olde Shillelagh is a quintessential Wicklow Way experience. In addition to providing a bed & breakfast, the store is known for its beautiful handmade walking sticks. The rooms here are charming and located in a converted out building. They include en suite bathrooms as well as an excellent breakfast. This is a great option in Shillelagh.

Mid-Range: Central House

Central House is a family run pub in Shillelagh that has a single bedroom available for overnight accommodation. This is a cozy spot with very accommodating hosts. They have even been known to offer trailside pick-up and drop-off for Wicklow Way walkers!

Budget: Hunter’s Lodge

The Hunter’s Lodge is a private cabin located south of the main village of Shillelagh. This is a great option for those who are willing to walk a bit further and who want a quaint private home to spend the night in. You’ll enjoy access to a full kitchen as well as a lovely outdoor deck.



The end of the Wicklow Way in Clonegal is relatively sparse when it comes to places to stay. However, for those who wish to unwind a bit at the end of their walk, there are a few good options outlined below.

Mid-Range: Carraig Guesthouse

The Carraig House is a small home that can accommodate up to four Wicklow Way walkers. Located very near the finish just outside of Clonegal, this is a lovely place to spend the night after completing the walk.

Mid-Range: Meadowside B&B (Bunclody)

If you’d prefer a B&B upon finishing the Wicklow Way, you’re best bet will be the Meadowside B&B in nearby Bunclody. Set in a beautiful stone building, Meadowside has four rooms available. Breakfast and the exceptionally caring hosts are the highlights here.



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